SQL Server 2008 Jumpstart Materials – very detailed training, now FREE to download.

This post is a pointer to a lot of in-depth training on SQL 2008. It includes Virtual PC’s with Demo Scripts, Lab Exercises & a lot of PowerPoint's with notes.

To get access to it all click here SQL Server 2008 Training. It is free but you do need to register as helps us to cost justify developing this type of material.


What is it?

As SQL 2008 was being developed. The team at corp ran a number of workshops with the bigger S/W development companies (Independent S/W Vendors (ISV’s)). It was intended to help them optimise their product for the new platform & to expose them to the new features they may be able to use to gain a competitive advantage.

This material has a lot of very useful detail on the changes.

To help you decide if it is relevant to you, I’ve listed, below, the Sessions that we ran over several days.


Overview Sessions

0. SQLServer08 - Executive Update.pptx 
1. SQLServer08 - Data Platform Software + Services.pptx 
2. SQLServer08 - Mission Critical.pptx
3. SQLServer08 - Manageability.pptx 
4. SQLServer08 - Business Intelligence.pptx 
5. SQLServer08 - Next Generation Data Applications.pptx 

Database Infrastructure Track

DBIS Module 1 - Overview.pptx 
DBIS Module 2 - Availability Enhancements.pptx 
DBIS Module 3 - Security Enhancements.pptx 
DBIS Module 4 - Policy-based Management and Multi-server Administration.pptx 
DBIS Module 5 - Throttling and Troubleshooting.pptx 
DBIS Module 6 - Features To Manage Part 1.pptx 
DBIS Module 7 - Features To Manage Part 2.pptx 
DBIS Module 8 - Scalability Enhancements.pptx 
DBIS Module 9 - Query Optimizer Enhancements.pptx 
DBIS Module 10 - Performance Studio.pptx 
L01_SQL Server 2008 Using Policy-based Management.docx 
L02_SQL Server 2008 Using Performance Studio.docx 
L03_SQL Server 2008 Database Mirroring in Action.docx 
L04_SQL Server 2008 Peer to Peer Replication.doc

Business Intelligence Track

Part1_01 - Microsoft BI Strategy Overview .pptx 
Part1_02 - Intro Dimension Modeling Techniques.pptx 
Part1_03 - Intro To ETL.pptx 
Part1_04 - Intro To SSRS.pptx 
Part1_05 - Publishing and Accessing Reports.pptx 
Part1_06 - Intro To UDM.pptx 
Part1_07 - Accessing UDM.pptx 
Part1_08 - Intro To Data Mining.pptx 
Part1_09 - Building Dashboards.pptx

Part2_01 - Improving Integration.pptx 
Part2_02 - More Flexible Richer Reports.pptx 
Part2_03 - Using SSRS Management Tools.pptx 
Part2_04 - Leveraging SSRS Programmability.pptx 
Part2_05 - Accelerating SSAS.pptx 
Part2_06 - Managing SSAS.pptx 
Part2_07 - Understanding SSAS Queries.pptx 
Part2_08 - Data Mining.pptx 

Developer Track

01. Introduction.pptx 
02. TSQL.pptx 
03. Beyond Relational.pptx 
04. Service Broker.pptx 
05. SQLCLR.pptx 
06. Visual Studio.pptx 
07. Client Programmbility.pptx 
08. Entity Framework.pptx 
09. HTTP Programming.pptx 
10. OCS.pptx 
Dev Track Scripts.zip 

Upgrade Track

00. Opening And Welcome.pptx
01. Upgrade Technical Value Proposition.pptx
02. Anatomy Of An Upgrade.pptx
03. Upgrade Advisor.pptx
04. Application Compatibility Testing.pptx
05. Planning Your Upgrade.pptx
06. Hands On Lab.docx

SQL Server 2008 Demo

SQL Server 2008 Demo VPC - Release 2
SQL Server 2008 Presenter Script - Release 2.docx

Hands-On Lab VPCs and Lab Manuals

There are TWO Hands-On Lab VPC and Lab Manual Collections:

COLLECTION 1: SQL Server 2008 HOLs which has 19 associated Lab Manuals, AND
COLLECTION 2: SQL2008AlwaysOnHOL which has 10 associated Lab Manuals and 1 Readme file

COLLECTION 1 - SQL Server 2008 Hands-On-Labs

Collection 1: SQL Server 2008 HOLs VPC Image

SQL Server 2008 HOLs VPC

Collection 1: SQL Server 2008 HOLs Lab Manuals

COLLECTION 2 High Availability: SQL2008 AlwaysOn HOL

Collection 2: SQL2008AlwaysOnHOL VPC Image
SQL2008 AlwaysOn HOL VPC

Collection 2: SQL2008AlwaysOnHOL Lab Manuals
Data Recovery Preventative Techniques.doc 
Database Mirroring.doc 
Database Snapshots.doc 
Instant Initialization.doc 
Online Operations.doc 
Peer to Peer Replication.doc 
Service Oriented Database Architecture.doc 
Snapshot Isolation.doc 
Table and Index Partitioning.doc 

Hope this is useful for you


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