DebugDiag 2 Update 2 is now available


The DebugDiag development team is back with a new release!  We are very excited to announce the general availability of DebugDiag 2 Update 2.

A number of fixes and features are included in this release.  A summary of these enhancements is as follows:


      • Resolved issue with High CPU in dbghost due to exception monitoring when the target throws high rate of exceptions
      • Resolved issue with memory leak in dbghost due to bug in sos.dll
      • Added Autoupdate security enhancements
      • Fixes in leaktrack native memory tracking
      • Resolved Breakpoint issue against .net 4.6 targets
      • A number of exceptions during analysis are resolved
      • New report format with greatly improved organization and filtering
      • Introduced latest Microsoft.Diagnostics.Runtime.dll
      • Added support for analysis of .net 4.6 targets
      • A number of new analysis checks are added
      • …etc.


The release is available here:


Please email dbgdiag at Microsoft dot com for issues


Thank you


The DebugDiag Development Team