Tech Ed North America 2010 – WCF RIA Services Talk

Teched 2010 is almost around the corner. It will be held in New Orleans LA from June 7-10. Details and schedule of talks are now published online. I will be attending the conference this year and will actually be giving two talks. The first one as you must have guessed is on RIA Services. Below are the details

WEB307 | Effective RIA: Tips and Tricks for Building Effective Rich Internet Applications

Maintainability, testability, performance, and security can be improved by understanding the components and tools and following some basic guidelines. This session uses Windows Communication Foundation RIA Services and Microsoft Silverlight as the key tools and covers the separation of concerns between data access, logic and presentation tiers, best practices for testability and tricks for getting better performance through design. We also cover best practices for locking down your application

ASI01-INT | Powering Rich Internet Applications: Windows Server AppFabric, Web Services, and Microsoft Silverlight

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) rely on platforms such as Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 to present data to users in an interesting and interactive manner. With Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 4, developers can use a unified programming model for accessing services and data in any Microsoft .NET Framework-based application – including RIAs. This session explores how you can leverage your WCF skills along with rich tooling to build distributed services for the RIA. This talk rationalizes the use case for WCF RIA Services, but focuses mostly on innovations in the core WCF feature set. The talk also shows how WCF simplifies talking to web2.0 services like Bing, REST based service. Also, learn how to build a WCF backend service that enables rich and high performance messaging to RIA Clients like a video chat. By the end of this session you will understand some of the powerful architectures available to you for building RIAs with WCF.

At Mix 2010, Nikhil tried something different where he had asked the community of the things they would like to see. I really liked that approach and I am looking to follow a similar idea for my talk.

So, what would you like to see covered? I will definitely try to add it to my demo, if it fits in the overall theme and flow. So please share your thoughts here or email me.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at Teched in the Big Easy and looking to hear your thoughts on the talk and things you would like to see.