Message Box Script for Lite Touch Task Sequences

I recently had the need to pop up a message box duing an LTI task sequence.  I was creating a stand-alone wizard to allow a manually-initiated launch of a task sequence that would install the Service Pack 1 update on Windows Server 2008 R2.  As part of this task sequence, if a certain software package was of a certain version or earlier we had to reinstall this software after the service pack installation.  If this installation was not going to happen because a newer version was already installed, the customer wanted to notify the technician at the end of the process.  Since this was to be a simple notification, a message box was sufficient.  I could have simply created a VBScript that had a static MsgBox function call for this purpose.

However, I decided that I would make it more reusable than that.  Instead I created an MDT script that would take the input arguments for the the MsgBox function as command line parameters.  That way the script could be reused any time a message box was needed.  The script can also optionally use the MsgBox return value as the script exit code and/or use it as the value for a task sequence variable.

The usage for this script is as follows (optional switches in brackets):

cscript.exe MDTMessageBox.wsf /text:"<message text>"
[/type:<button/icon type>]
            [/title:"<title of the pop-up message box>"]
[/seconds:<seconds the pop-up message box is displayed>]
[/returnexit] (If specified, button click return value will be used as script exit code.)
[/returnvar:<task sequence variable to set with the button click return value]

The /type switch value uses the MsgBox buttons argument value as documented here.  If the /seconds switch is not used, the message box will remain until a button is clicked.

If you call the script directly like this:

cscript.exe "%SCRIPTROOT%\MDTMessageBox.wsf" /text:"Hello World" /type:64 /title:"Greetings"

the task sequence will not continue until a message box button is clicked.  This is a useful way to briefly pause the task sequence for a quick examination or tweak.

If you want to pop up a message box but have the task sequence continue, use a command line like the following:

cmd /c start "" wscript.exe "%SCRIPTROOT%\MDTMessageBox.wsf" /text:"Hello World" /type:64 /title:"Greetings"


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This post was contributed by Michael Murgolo, a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Services - U.S. East Region.