OneNote 2010 books coming out soon

I wanted to pass on details that a couple OneNote books are coming out soon and if you are looking to learn more about OneNote you should check them out.

First of all is Michael Oldenburg’s book: Using Microsoft OneNote 2010which is now available for purchase as well as immediate Kindle download (in the US not sure about everywhere else).  You might have seen Michael’s name before because he is man behind the OneNote blog and he has been involved with the OneNote team for years and he is an overall great guy.  What I find most interesting about this book, besides all of the awesome content, is that is comes with over 3 hours of free video.  The video includes step-by-step video tutorials that you can watch and learn about OneNote.  Seems like a great resource, I just downloaded it to my Kindle and I will be flipping through it.  Highly recommend this one:

Using Microsoft OneNote 2010


The second book is Microsoft OneNote 2010 Plain & Simple by Peter Weverka.   I didn’t know about this book until the blog post from Microsoft Press.  Based on the table of contents it seems like a pretty good book and also Microsoft Press books are generally quite good.


If you are looking for a book about OneNote either for yourself, a new student, or to learn more please check out one of these books.