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Developer: How to use Github for Windows users?

If you’re a Developer who is curious about Git and GitHub, be sure to check out this GitHub training. Join experts Briana Swift and Jeremy Foster for a look at basic Git and GitHub concepts, and see why millions of Developers use the fast and flexible dev process fostered by GitHub.

Take a look at GitHub workflows in a browser, find out how to use GitHub Desktop, check out GitHub integrations with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, and learn about Git on the command line. Plus, explore advanced techniques using GitHub.

  • Basic Concepts and the GitHub Workflow: Get an introduction to the basic concepts and the GitHub workflow.
  • GitHub in the Browser: Learn how to conduct GitHub workflows in a browser.
  • GitHub Desktop: See how to use GitHub Desktop to manage repositories, branches, and changes.
  • GitHub Integrations with Visual Studio: Get an intro to GitHub integrations with Visual Studio.
  • GitHub on the Command Line: Explore how to use GitHub on the command line.
  • Beyond the Basics: Take a look at advanced techniques using GitHub.

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