Where i can find the Macros & Visual Basic Editor in new Microsoft Outlook 2010?

Couple of Outlook 2010 beta users reported that they can’t find the old VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and Visual Basic Editor in new Outlook 2010? Whether the feature is removed? With respect to my last blog post, VBA is available with Outlook 2010. Let me explain in-detail. We know about how Outlook 2010 applications expose their object models; also we’re eager to calling object methods, setting object properties, and responding to object events. To do so, you must write your code in a place and in a way that Office can understand; typically, by using the Visual Basic Editor. Although installed by default, many users do not know that it is even available until it is enabled on the ribbon.

Opening the Developer Tab

All Office 2010 applications use the ribbon. One tab on the ribbon is the Developer tab, where you access the Visual Basic Editor and other developer tools. Because Office 2010 does not display the Developer tab by default, you must enable it by using the following procedure:

To enable the Developer tab and view Visual Basic Editor, do the following steps:

  1. On the File tab, choose Options to open the Outlook Options dialog box.

  2. Click Customize Ribbon on the left side of the dialog box.

  3. Under Choose commands from on the left side of the dialog box, select Popular Commands.

  4. Under Customize the ribbon on the right side of the dialog box, select Main tabs, and then select the Developer check box.

  5. Click OK.

Please note: In Office 2007, you displayed the Developer tab by clicking the Office button, clicking Options, and then selecting the Show Developer tab in Ribbon checkbox in the Popular category of the Options dialog box

After you enable the Developer tab, Bingo, it is easy to find the Visual Basic and Macros buttons.

Developer tab in Outlook 2010

Continue your programming with VBA with Outlook 2010.