Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP News

David Meego - Click for blog homepageToday is Sivakumar Venkataraman's first official day as a "Microsoftie". It has been a dream of his to sell his soul and join the dark side, but sadly that did not happen and instead he has joined Microsoft.

He will still be working with Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Dynamics GP and while he can't officially be an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) anymore, he will still be able to contribute to the community with his efforts on his blog and the forums. We also have the opportunity for Siva to now post on this blog and we look forward to some great input from him.

While on the subject of MVP's, congratulations to the following MVPs who have been re-awarded MVP status for another year:

  1. Andrew Karasev
  2. Ian Stewart (who I finally met at Convergence 2012)
  3. Mohammad Daoud
  4. Monzer Osama

Have a look at these posts for more details:

Well done to all.


PS: Happy Birthday to Siva for the 23rd May.