The term "Musgravion" and Wikipedia

David MeegoDoug Pitcher on the Rose Business Solutions Blog had me laughing with his post The famous David Musgrave.

He has coined the term "Musgravion" to mean followers of my opinions and ways.

This came about primarily because of my dislike (read as hate) of shared customisation dictionaries (reports.dic, forms.dic etc) and my comment on his Unable to Open Customizations Dictionary post. I said to have a look at my post on the synchronizing method of Automating Distribution of Customizations.

What was funnier was that he used that term with a support engineer in Fargo and the engineer knew what he meant.

I pointed Doug's post out to a friend who asked when the term would find its way onto Wikipedia.  He thought it could be added to the entry on Dexterity programming language.

If that is not bad enough, my "friend" Mariano has put his take on the subject with his Are you a "Musgravion" follower? post.

All I can say is that I hope my ideas can help make your lives easier and that I am happy to be proven wrong if you know of a better way.


PS: Thanks for the laughs Doug & Mariano. 

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