Using the Support Debugging Tool with Real Life Examples

David Meego - Click for blog homepageYou know that I love the Support Debugging Tool and think that it is a wonderful tool to help administer and support your Microsoft Dynamics GP systems. Well, as the creator of the tool, I will admit that I am just a little biased.

But, it is really cool and exciting for me when I see other people in the community use the Support Debugging Tool in various ways to solve problems.

Last week Mariano, Siva and Rubal all posted articles on using the Support Debugging Tool. Mariano even used the new feature in Build 15 which allows non-logging triggers to programmatically start and stop a logging trigger so that the captured logs are surgically targetted to the problem area. 

Please have a read of their posts: 


Mariano Gomez, The Dynamics GP Blogster:


Sivakumar Venkataraman at Interesting Findings & Knowledge Sharing blog:


Rubalpal Kaur (Rubal) at Dynamics GP Help blog: 


For more information have a look at the Support Debugging Tool Portal page on this blog and the Support Debugging Tool page on Jivtesh Singh's site.



09-Aug-2011: Added additional posts from Siva.

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13-Jan-2012: Added Resetting GP Desktop Position example from Mariano.

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