Diving deep with conversational bots using Azure Bot Service


As we all know, our industry is going through a major transformation in terms of UI experience. Every single developer today strives to build software that is more user friendly and intelligent. With the rising demand of easier and simpler interfaces to perform tasks, we now have the ability to create bots – an app which you can interact with, using messages or voice, in a conversational way.

Join the journey as we learn more about what a bot is, what it can do, where is it useful, how to build one and how we can add intelligence to one. This session aims at providing a solid understanding of Azure Bot Service to develop intelligent conversational AI solutions.

Webinar Date & Time: March 16th 2018, 10 AM GMT

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Speaker Bio:

Jawahar Ganesh S currently works with Microsoft India as a support engineer with the Developer Web Apps. He has written blogs and delivered multiple sessions and hands on workshops on recent cutting edge technologies to benefit developers in the IT industry. His areas of interests includes ASP.NET, Azure Bot Services, Web and Cloud application development. He currently lives in Bengaluru and is eager to meet all of us in this session.

Abhilash Rejanair works as a Support Engineer for Microsoft as an IIS/ASP.NET engineer. He has had the opportunity of working with a lot of Developers to troubleshoot issues spanning multiple teams and build projects used in production scenarios. His current interests are Bots, Machine learning, Automation, Web development, Nodejs and python programming.

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