A Developer's Guide to SQL Server 2005 (Bob Beauchemin and Dan Sullivan)

At TechEd, I casually asked Bob about a recent revision of his book and a little later, a 1k page book landed on my desk - courtesy Bob.

I was very impressed by the content and style.The topics range from the commonly used ones like ADO.NET v2 to more selective ones like in-proc data access. My only concern is about the binding of the paperback as I frequently flip through this thick book.

Just to be clear, I don't get any commission on the book but I just liked it and would like developers to look at good material when they program against SQL. Unlike many books that simply copy product documentation with a little bit of formatting, this book is very different. It actually covers the topics from the viewpoint of an experienced professional and an instructor. Much better than any other book I have seen on this topic.