Comment Policy

The posts on this blog are based on my personal perspective, which may or may not reflect official Microsoft position or the opinions of others who also work for Microsoft.  I welcome your thoughts in the comment threads, although sometimes I may choose to delete a comment that I feel is inappropriate.  Here are the criteria I use for making such decisions:

  1. Is the comment on-topic? Comments should be related to the subject matter of the blog post, or be a response to other comments on the same thread.  If you post a comment about a Microsoft memo that was written 10 years before I came to work at Microsoft, for example, I’m unlikely to let that comment through.
  2. Does the comment add new information or a new perspective? Comments of the form “I agree with comment X above” are always welcome, but comments that repeat the details of prior comments without adding anything new are not.  Please read the existing comment thread if you’re not sure whether your point has already been made.
  3. Does the comment attack or insult an individual? If so, I’m very unlikely to let it through.  Feel free to say you disagree with others, but I’m not interested in providing a forum for name-calling or similar behavior.
  4. Does the comment contain offensive language? If so, it won’t be posted here.  And please note that offensive language doesn’t only mean swearing.  Talk of violence, war, and other topics can be offensive to many people, and isn’t appropriate in discussions about interoperability and standards topics.

Anonymous comments are welcome, but I’m a little less likely to give an anonymous commenter the benefit of the doubt on the criteria covered above, especially if it’s a close call.  To be honest, I’ve never understood the reason for posting comments anonymously, unless you’re in the Witness Protection Program.  Readers often find it helpful to know the name and organization associated with various points of view.

Thank you for participating in the discussions here, and I look forward to your comments on future blog posts.  Although I don’t always have time to respond to every single comment that gets posted, I always read them and have learned a great deal from the opinions shared here, especially the articulate opinions of those who happen to disagree with me.