If you're building web apps, this will just take 2 minutes

... to fill out this survey about what guidance you think is most needed when it comes to building web apps.

  • This includes front end design and development (html, css, javascript/jquery, canvas, svg),
  • Back end dev (asp.net mvc, dependency management, repositories, domain model),
  • And exposing and consuming services (rest, json).
  • This also includes application structure, 
  • Unit, acceptance and automated testing

The patterns & practices team is building some guidance around some of the things above and we could use your direction and influence to make sure we build something you'll find useful.

It's only 15 questions and will take less than a couple of minutes (more time is welcome).

Go ahead and get started. You'll be on to the next thing before you know it.


Update: The results aren't immediately available, but I'm happy to share the results. I just made the results of the survey public. Please tweet. Let's get a good turn out. Thanks. #asp #mvc #webdesign #html5 #javascript #jquery #css3 #canvas #svg