How to find Project Server 2010 documentation and keeping up with TechNet and MSDN


ChristopheChristophe tells me….

With the increase interest, deployment and adoption of Project 2010, Sonia Atchison and Brian Smith did two great post today on where to find product documentation depending on your role:

Finding Project Server 2010 documentation

Documentation for Project Server 2010 is spread across three websites: TechNet,, and MSDN. Each of these sites addresses a different audience. TechNet focuses on the IT Pro, focuses on the end user, and MSDN focuses on the developer audience. In addition to these three sites, blogs are also a great source of information.

Project Server: Keeping up with TechNet and MSDN – RSS is the answer!

There is plenty of excellent content on TechNet and MSDN about Project and Project Server, and it is updated regularly. To keep up with the updates what better than the RSS feed!

Happy reading and please forward to all your customers and partners!