Welcome to my Blog

or at least welcome to my blog I used the most. But wait, it is so empty here? Where is all the content gone, where are all those glorious posts? They're gone!

At least they are not here anymore. I've transfered all my posts to https://medium.com/dariusz-quatscht as an archive. I haven't blogged a while, with the rise of all that social media platforms blogging has been put in the back row of my mind. So I just took all the content here and stored it there to save at least private money and as I have foreseen it to also save the hassle of migrating it now. Also my Channel9 content and webcasts and podcasts are looking for a new home (probably Youtube)

If you want still to get in touch with me you can

follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/dariusz_msft (yes @writeline is dead, to many fake followers (more than 5000)

follow me on Github https://github.com/dariuszparys

follow me on Medium https://medium.com/\@dariuszparys (don't post often here, think of archive)

follow me on https://mystream.blog (currently a redirect to Medium, plans are to blog again somewhere)

follow me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/dariuszparys/ (I don't accept invites automatically we have to talk a little bit before)

or send me an email at mailto:dparys@microsoft.com.

Beside that my job role changed in Microsoft I'm still happy to speak at any Usergroup, Meetup or Conference.

Hope to see you soon on any other platform.