Links: EF4 Podcast, N-Tier Anti-Patterns, and some thoughts about DDD

Here are a few more resources I hope you will find useful:

Recently I had a conversation about EF4 with Carl and Richard of .Net Rocks, and it went up on their site today.  Have a listen at

In addition, I have an article about design/architecture decisions related to n-tier applications in the latest issue of MSDN Magazine.  This article is actually the first part of a two-part series.  Originally it was a single longer article that wasn’t so depressing as this one came out (all about what *not* to do without really giving any help on what you should do).  There are some important concepts, though, so hopefully you’ll find something useful even in this first part.

At the same time that I’ve been busy with these, some other folks have been trying out the beta of EF4 and some very interesting posts are starting to appear like this dive into producing a POCO repository with the EF by Keith Patton and a great discussion of LINQ Expression Trees and the Specification Pattern by the EF team’s own David DeWinter.

- Danny