Applications for Researcher and Postdoc positions at Microsoft Research

Would you like to work as a postdoc or a researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge? Whetehr in the F# team, the Programming Principles and Tools group more generally, or as agent-at-large across all of Microsoft Research? 

We’re starting to collect formal applications, and to schedule interviews for researcher and postdoc positions at Microsoft Research, in Cambridge.

The applications are assessed by the Programming Principles and Tools group and senior management at MSR Cambridge. I am personally interested in arguing in favour of:

  • Stellar applied researchers who have radical-but-practical ideas for simplifying XYZ programming systems [ where XYZ = scalable, cloud, data, systems, GPU, FPGA, probabilistic, dependent, reactive, runtime systems, ...]; or


  • PhD-or-similar-experience people who have a passion for F# language, applications, tooling and community and are willing to come and work as F# contributors in the context of a strong applied research agenda in one or more XYZ areas above; or


  • You Fill It In Here But Make It Interesting, Compelling and Fun :)

If you fit the bill and think Cambridge UK is the place for your next life and career step, then please go ahead and submit a formal application in the system, also email me.

The first round of scheduling has already started, so it would be great if you could lodge an application on the system.  Please allow some time for us to gather reference letters from your referees. If you have a profile in Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Search, that's useful to have. But equally a great record at hacking out and delivering influential and innnovative research systems is very appealing, even better if that is in the context of industry-relevant topics.

You can also get in touch directly with me at any time.

Many thanks,

Don, also for Andy Gordon and others at Microsoft Research, Cambridge