Distinguished Paper Award at PLDI 2016

I’m pleased to report that our paper Types from data: Making structured data first-class citizens in F# won a Distinguished Paper award at PLDI 2016 in Santa Barbara. The paper also has a page on Tomas Petricek's blog.




The .NET and Managed Languages team have been a huge part of making F# type providers a reality, and the open source story has enabled the F# community to roll out an amazing set of type providers. This includes the FSharp.Data library highlighted in the paper, and also type providers for Azure Storage, T-SQL, SQL, R and many more.

You can find out more about academic publications related to F# on the publications page of the F# Software Foundation.  To find out more about how F# is being used in practice, see these testimonials about the use of F#, several of which feature the use of the FSharp.Data library.

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p.s. I forgot to mention this when it happened a month ago when it happened.