F# Community Code Sprint this Saturday in London

The London F# community are holding an F# Community Code Sprint this Saturday in London. Informal and fun!


Why code sprints ?

  • You want to learn about F#, not just by the book, but by getting the expert’s trick as well ?
  • You already know F# and would like to help the community, but getting to a codebase seems daunting ?
  • You are an expert and wish the community took a bit of ownership to polish your hard work ?

The next sprint, will be held on Saturday 9th of February 2013 starting from 10am! It will focus on helping out with Open Source Editor Integration. This is the occasion for you to get real and hands-on with F#, learn from the best, and be enabled to author and contribute to F#.

We’re based at the Rapid Innovation Group’s offices in London, 5 minutes walk from Holborn underground station. We have the use of the first floor, including two large conference rooms and a kitchen, with whiteboards and wifi.

Address: 14 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4QH