An update

It's been a while since I blogged regularly.  What happened!?

  1. I got a Twitter account, and use it all the time. I also got a Facebook account, it's personal but I use it too much
  2. The Visual F# Tools Blog and then the .NET blog are now major means of communication about F# work at Microsoft
  3. Just about everything in .NET and Visual F# Tools and so on went open source, making various GitHub repositories a major means of communication for me
  4. The F# Software Foundation has a "Core Engineering" site which I also contribute to
  5. The F# language design process including suggestions and our official RFC process is now all online with input from a large number of contributors, so there's no need for me to "announce" things here.

So all in all things are going absolutely fantastically in the world of F# technical work.  But as regards blogging - well, things changed, and the world of technical social media is now much, much broader than blogging.  Still, or those still listening to the RSS feed, I'm happy to get back to this blog, likely on a more work/research/personal basis :)

One thing I'm concerned about is that Twitter, GitHub and the other media above only reach 10-20% of the potential audience one might want to communicate with.  If you've feedback on this - e.g. "I never use twitter but do read this blog" or "Here are the other ways/places to communicate" then please drop me a message below.

Anyway, it's good to bee back, even if only with this short message.