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Migration options for Dynamics 365 for Financials

Let's talk about migrating your data into Dynamics 365 for Financials.  You should have the following 3 migration options by default when you go through the Data Migration wizard, which can be launched from the Assisted Setup window:

Import from Excel
Import from QuickBooks (IIF)
Import from Microsoft Dynamics GP

You can also find additional migration options from partners in the Extension Marketplace.

Please be aware that once you have any transactions entered into a company you will not be able to run a migration.  If at any point after a transaction is entered you find that you need to redo the migration you will need to start with a fresh company.  If you re-run the migration without transactions, any existing master records will be updated.

Import from Excel
The first step to import data from Excel will be to download the Excel Template.  This option exists within the Data Migration wizard if you select to import from Excel.  The Excel template will have 4 sheets to enter data - 'GL Account', 'Customer', 'Vendor', and 'Item'.  You can populate your data accordingly here and import it by completing the steps in the wizard.

- If you are copy\pasting data into the Excel Template make sure to only paste in values.  You do not want to change the default formatting of the cells from 'General'.  (Right-Click > Paste Options > Values)
- Hover over a column title for info on what should be entered and a maximum field length number.
- Qty on Hand does not create transaction entries.
- If you encounter errors during the migration you can use the 'Show errors' link\button to get more information.

Import from QuickBooksCurrently we only have a solution for QuickBooks on-prem.  A QuickBooks Online migration method is expected to be released in the future.  Until then you may be able to get assistance from 3rd party extensions or partners.  You must export your QuickBooks data to an IIF file to be imported to Dynamics 365 for Financials.  The wizard provides you with the steps to do this when you select to migrate from QuickBooks.

-Beginning Balances are brought in for GL accounts and Item QoH only.  There are no beginning balances for Vendors or Customers in an IIF file so this cannot be imported.
- QuickBooks does not have a Unit of Measure.  When you import items you will want to use a template that has a UoM selected.  Be careful here as it will let you type in a UoM that doesn't actually exist.  Make sure to select an existing one from the drop-down or create a new one that you would like to use.
- It's possible to use QuickBooks without account numbers.  It is not possible to migrate without account numbers though.  You must have item accounts if you are bringing in quantity on the items.
- Customer\Vendor templates are optional
- Accounts are imported first at which point you will be prompted to create posting groups.  Accounts need to be imported first to successfully import the remaining data.
- It is possible to have 1-sided entries in QuickBooks that create out of balance accounts.  Out of balance accounts WILL NOT migrate into Dynamics 365 for Financials as this is not allowed in the product.
- If you know that your G/L balance in QuickBooks is in balance (no 1-sided entries), but you still encounter this message: 'Document No. BEGBALACC is out of balance by ####.##. Transactions will not be created. Please check the amount in the import file.', the issue may be that some accounts in QuickBooks are hidden. You can edit the IIF file in Notepad or Excel to set all values for the HIDDEN column to N, in the ACCNT (Accounts) section. When saving changes to the IIF, it should be in a tab delimited format. You may also need to rename the file to remove the txt extension.

Import from GP
A new feature in GP allows you to export your data for migration into Dynamics 365 for Financials.  You must be on GP 2016 June Hotfix, or GP 2013/2015 Nov 2016 Tax release to see this feature.  In GP you will be able to go to File > Maintenance > Export Data.  These steps are outlined in the migration wizard if you select to import data from GP.

- Your company must be set to 'User Experience' of 'Suite' under the Company setup window to migrate from GP.
- All inventory items will be set to use FIFO as this is what Dynamics 365 for Financials supports.
- Similar to the QuickBooks migration, Accounts will be imported first and you will need to create posting groups before proceeding.
- Beginning balances are brought in with no detail, just summary.  This includes Vendors and Customers.
- Be aware of how Accounts are imported with the following information:
-- Dynamics 365 for Financials does not have account segments - Your main account segment will be your new account number.
-- The beginning balance will be the sum of all the accounts with a matching main account segment.
-- Other segments will be imported as deminsions.
-- The dimension name will be based on the segment name and will not be automatically assigned.  If you want to use the new dimensions you will need to assign them after the migration is completed.

We understand that migrating quickly, easily and with the data that you want is a very important part in making the jump to Dynamics 365 for Financials.  Development has already received a lot of great feedback on areas of improvement.  The migration tools will be expanded upon and updated over the coming months.  Please continue to provide feedback and\or ask questions if you run into problems on the Community Forums HERE.

Please also keep an eye on this blog as we will do our best to provide information on trending issues and common questions and problems that we are seeing come through the support channels.