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Configuring 1Box to enable Analytical Workspaces and Reports

At this point, you should have access to an Entity Store database hosted on the Azure SQL Server available using the process outlined in the previous step.  Use the instructions below to enable Analytical Workspaces & Reports in a 1Box environment using the Power BI Embedded service hosted on your Azure subscription.

To continue make sure you have the following information:

Entity Store Database Service details:

  • Database name:   Name provided in the database settings
  • Server name:   Azure SQL Server name ( *
  • Server admin login:   User name supplied in the SQL Server settings
  • Password:   Account password supplied when configuring SQL Server

Power BI Embedded Service details:

  • Workspace Collection Name: The name of the Workspace Collection created when deploying the Power BI Embedded Service
  • Access Key1:   The secret key #1 used to access the Power BI Embedded service
  • Access Key2:   The secret key #2 used to access the Power BI Embedded service

KEEP THESE KEYS CONFIDENTIAL...!   You'll want to protect this information as appropriate to prevent exposing Azure services to others.  Developers can use this information to remotely access the Power BI Embedded Service and SQL Azure Database Server.  Microsoft is not responsible for the implications of sharing these service keys with others.  Should this information become compromised, use the Azure Service Portal tools to regenerate the Power BI Embedded service security keys.

Configure 1Box environment to enable Analytical Workspaces & Reports

  1. Open the File Explorer on the local 1Box environment
  2. Navigate to the root folder for the local Dynamics 365 for Operations deployment (e.g. C:\AOSService\webroot)
  3. Recommend that you make a copy of the web.config file before making any changes
  4. Edit the web.config file in the folder using Notepad
  5. Update the Entity Store Database configuration settings:

<add key="BiReporting.DW" value=" [Database name] " /><add key="BiReporting.DWServer" value=" [Server name] " /><add key="BiReporting.DWRuntimeUser" value=" [Server Admin login] " /><add key="BiReporting.DWRuntimePwd" value=" [Password] " />

6. Update the Power BI Embedded Service configuration settings:

<add key="PowerBIEmbedded.AccessKey" value=" [Access Key1] " /><add key="PowerBIEmbedded.AccessKey2" value=" [Access Key2] " /><add key="PowerBIEmbedded.ApiUrl" value="" /><add key="PowerBIEmbedded.IsPowerBIEmbeddedEnabled" value="true" /><add key="PowerBIEmbedded.WorkspaceCollectionName" value=" [Workspace Collection Name] " />

7.   Close Notepad and Save your changes
8.   Open Command Prompt
9.   Reset IIS to apply the changes using the command:  iisreset
10. Once it completes, launch the Dynamics 365 for Operations instance running on the local 1Box, and access an Analytical Workspace [Manage customer credit and collections]

You're ready to go...!   You can now access the Analytical Workspaces & Reports in the Application Suite using the local 1Box deployment.  The Dynamics 365 application automatically deploys Power BI reports on-demand so there's no need to manually deploy reports.