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How To: Add deep links to reports (SSRS)


The process for embedding custom drill-down navigation links into application forms in Dynamics 365 for Operations differs from solutions in AX2012. The public APIs for the Application Suite backed by C# assemblies continue to be supported in D365 for Operations. However, to offer improved performance, Dynamics 365 for Operations Reporting framework does NOT auto-generate hyperlinks based on EDT relations.

The hosted Reporting Service only supports the deployment of signed C# assemblies. For advanced operations, the modern developer tooling supports embedded custom code defined using VB. See Expression Examples article for a collection of commonly used functions.

Here are some key benefits…

  1. There’s no longer a need for custom C# handlers to introduce user navigations to new application forms
  2. Improves performance of the report execution. C# methods incur a higher number of service calls
  3. Ability to send a variable number of context parameters


In the Precision design, field 'Action' property, you can find the expression like:

=Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Reports.BuiltInMethods.GenerateDrillThroughLink (Parameters!AX_ReportContext.Value, Parameters!AX_UserContext.Value, "[MenuItemName]", "[MenuItemType]", "[TableName]", "{Arguments}")

Example #1 (Single parameter):

=Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Reports.BuiltInMethods.GenerateDrillThroughLink(Parameters!AX_ReportContext.Value, Parameters!AX_UserContext.Value, "BIR_RptDrillThruMenuItem", "Display", "BIR_QueryReportExecutionTable", "CustName", "George")

Example #2 (Multi-parameter):

=Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Reports.BuiltInMethods.GenerateDrillThroughLink(Parameters!AX_ReportContext.Value, Parameters!AX_UserContext.Value, "BIR_RptDrillThruMenuItem", "Display", "BIR_QueryReportExecutionTable", "CustName", "George", "CustGroup", "60")


<drill target menu item>,
<drill target menu item type>,
<table name>,
<field name>,
<field value>
[, <field name>, <field value>])
<drill target menu item>
The name of the menu item target for the hyperlink
<drill target menu item type>
The type of the menu item target for the hyperlink (e.g. “Display”)
<table name>
The name of the table referenced by the target menu item
<field name>
The name of the field in the table to restrict
<field value>
The value of the field in the table to restrict
Additional <table name> and <field name> pairs as needed