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March release – Dynamics AX 2012 R3

The March release for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 version is now available in LCS on the updates tile inside your R3 project. This update represents a typical collection of smaller functional improvements and technical fixes.  Bugs were fixed in all areas with enhancements found in Warehouse Management, Procurement and Cash Management. Please see the full list of hotfixes below to search for your specific issue newly included in this release. This release is a cumulative package including all other fixes released in the prior CU12 update.

Here are a few details related to this release:

·        Primary Build: 6.3.5000.3124

·        Number of Application hotfixes: 116

·        Number of Binary hotfixes: 14


Details of the install process can be found here:

What is included in this month’s release?

Design Change Requests, Feature Requests & RegFs

KB Details Description of issue or change request Description of enhancement
4012305 Preventing CW items to be used on the purchase requisition. Fixed the issue such that it will not be possible to add a CW product to requisition line and will not appear in the setup of procurement catalogs.
4010426 Unable to Inbound Plan Purchase Orders through TMS when using Change Management without having to route the entire Purchase order through yet another approval Now we can Inbound Plan Purchase Orders through TMS
4012745 Most of AX 2012 customers require an integrated gift card solutions and accept credit/debit/gift cards/check with different payment solutions. Implemented new feature to support 3rd party gift card, check processing by enhancing POS and extending Payment SDK for AX 2012. Also implemented support configuration of multiple of payment connectors for POS for AX 2012
4010582 Totals form in sales order and sales quotations forms are showing currency exchange rate in multiples of 100 which does not match with currency exchange set up Fixed the issue such that results will get displayed correctly.
4010424 Planned production orders proposed too early when overlap jobs are enabled and the route operations use different calendars Fixed the issue for planned production orders
4012892 For some customer models the existing MSF solvers cannot deliver a response time which meets the customer expectation. The introduction of support for using the Microsoft Z3 solver means that, we are able to meet customer requirements for these complex models.
4010584 Move 1 item / entire LP with work behind when there's replenishment work behind The reported issue is now solved.
3217388 User is picking up packed goods from the packing station and brings it to the staging or directly into truck New packing functionality is introduced at packing station location.
4011770 RU - RegF - Changes in VAT statement in 2017 - DAX 2012 R3 Changes are made in names of attributes and nodes. Also some little changes in the structure are done.
4013873 Multithreading import of data causing issues Solved generic multi-threading issues in the code base.
4014096 Gift cards purchased are included in the sales total on Z reports. Gift cards purchased now have their own lines on both POS and AX Z reports, and these purchases are not included in the Z report sales total
4012712 CTP will not run an explosion and utilize On-hand inventory if the Net requirements from the Sales order is already pegged against a different source of demand The reported issue is now solved.
4012952 Once per transaction settings are not honored for return transaction when returning multiple items. Now, when calculating the required info codes, we send both the cart in the request and the saved (if any) sales transaction. This way, the calculator can infer the functionality profile required info codes instead of the calling code doing that.
4013753 Not changed after saving color for Sales quotation line in Call center when Price override This action will now save the record correctly.
4014058 Info code on payment method is not triggered for Customer Order transaction in MPOS. Fixed such that input info code will be allowed on Customer order.
3215045 RU - RegF - Changes in reporting form 4-FSS to Social insurance fund - AX 2012 R3 Created new template for 4-FSS report 2017-year edition, change report output classes and other system artifacts to reflect changes.
4011513 BR - RegF - Sped ECD - Layout 5 - DAX 2012 R3 This is a new Regulatory update.
4013282 AT\CZ - RegF - Integration (example) to compliant fiscal service (RKSV compliance) for cashier application - AX 6.3 This is a new Regulatory update.

Fixes Released

KB Number Complete Feature Path Title
4012951 DAXSE\AIF Different query results in AIF messages when re-ordering the 3rd level datasources
4014057 DAXSE\AX Retail Inventtablemodule records related to Purchasing are sent to stores.
4014330 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution WCF related parameters in Pos.exe.config file seems corrupted.
4014155 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\BI and Reporting Call center sales orders capture card payments when a pro forma invoice is printed
4013976 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Channel management\Retail Stores Retail inheritance fails due to validity
4013834 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Calculation InventTransId assigned to retails sales transactions with status Voided
4013052 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Inventory management\Barcode and Labels product label cannot be printed when doing transfer order receipt if the TO is partially received
4012686 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Order management\Back Office (Cross-Channel) Fulfilment of Retail Store Customer Order Return Reason code is not visible in RetailSalesLine table (continue of HF KB#3190249)
4013050 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS Tax Identification Number does not print on MPOS Receipt - This is a legal requirement on Receipts
4013053 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Journals Unable to locate  transactions using the same exact time for Start Date and End date using Search in Show journal
4013155 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Suspend and Recall Error suspending transaction with comment > 60 characters
4013353 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\UX - MPOS Sorting undefined in Modern POS for Categories from Hierarchy
4014452 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\UX - MPOS MPOS price check : Cannot use barcode if it is identical with item number
4014138 DAXSE\AXL Button Continuity schedule in Sales order form always enabled for Polish localization
3217566 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India IN – TDS Adjusted Amount Origin is not updated
4014136 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India Batch number is not getting updated in RG Excise Registers
3200860 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Singapore Malaysia and Thailand MY-Customer country is incorrectly displayed in GAF preview/GAF File
4014139 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Singapore Malaysia and Thailand TH-Withholding tax is incorrect with multiline invoice journals
4013628 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Czech Republic Functionality Date of VAT register does not work as expected with Credit limit feature
4013327 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland SAF VAT sales and purchase register – after installing the KB 3207921 user is not able to create the SAF file.
4014134 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland PL - Adv Holder with Full Access available only for System Admin
4014140 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland Incorrect update in InventTrans for Polish Credit Note
4014143 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland PL - Adv Holder with wrong Dim for Emp belongs to multiple entity
4014146 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\France Bill of exchange document reference on remittance is not updated correctly
4013451 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Italy  SEPA DD: Requested Collection Date obtaining TransDate instead of DueDate (ReqdColltnDt)
4014135 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Italy [Italy] AX2012 R3 Italian sales tax payment report returns wrong Sales tax for the previous periods
4013629 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Norway Norway: Norwegian sales tax payment report 2017 - Import VAT is innførselsmerverdiavgift in Norwegian
4013630 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Norway Norwegian tax reconciliation report - no reversal transactions displayed
4014163 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Norway Norway: ISO20022 CT - if voucher serie for vendor payments has - sign, importing Camt.054 file fails - unknown EndToEnd id
3192598 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil After applying the KB3132063, when processing a Direct Import PO, AX is taking a longer time to process the Confirmation and Posting
3217456 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil NF-e: missing <exporta> tag causes the “355 – Rejection: Inform the Country’s output location in case of exportation” rejection error
4013869 DAXSE\Client\Office Add-ins Performance issue on openning and publishing budget plan lines via Excel Worksheet for budget plans exceeding 100,000 lines
4014342 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF DIXF Opening Balances entity will not import Account\Offset Account values if a Dimension is used in an Account Structure via an Advanced Rule
4012469 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Reports When a hypen is used on a zip code and 1099s are printed the last character of the zip code is truncated due to the EDT Tax1099ZipCode only being 9 characters
4013729 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Sales Order Invoicing A Sales order flagged as 'Blind shipment' will incorrectly display the Company Address on the resulting Sales order invoice
4013384 DAXSE\GFM\Budget\Budget Control A Query introduced by the Budget Data maintenance utility is missing its field on a Group By
4013935 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Bank\Bank Reconciliation AX2012 R3 CU12 - Advanced bank rec - Opening and closing balances should not be required with BAI2 format
4013182 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Customer\Payments and Settlement Cash discount is incorrectly posted for zero Sales order lines
4013821 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Customer\Payments and Settlement Customer reimbursement loses dimensions from exchange adjustment
3210390 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Vendor\Payments and Settlement AP payment journal: Query extended range failure after installing KB3200966
3217276 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Vendor\Payments and Settlement Tax adjustment in accounts payable payment journal throw voucher not balanced
4013056 DAXSE\GFM\Source Document Framework The Sales Tax Account is blank on an invoice where budget control is active and a workflow is used.
3218342 DAXSE\GFM\Tax When posting import tax in intercompany transaction the posted tax is not considered in Sales tax payment voucher
4013769 DAXSE\Human Resources\Payroll No support for FSA Dependent Care Limits
4014388 DAXSE\Public Sector\AR Custom text entered on Free Text Invoice line does not get retained while correcting the Free Text Invoice
4013747 DAXSE\Public Sector\Budget\Provisional budgeting France: Commitment accounting - partly used commitment shows unexpected balances after revising the commitment
4013009 DAXSE\SCM [SE RFH] Duplicate planned purchase orders using 2 AOS
4012438 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing The Constant line is not estimated correctly in batch order when we add it manually
4013707 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing\Cost Module\Inventory Closing Partially Received Transfer Orders may result in Inventory Transactions that cannot be closed due to invalid marking references
4014359 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing\Cost Module\Inventory Closing Inventory closing - Incorrect adjustment made
4010927 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Auto-firming error not logged in MRP session log
4012718 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Intercompany IC PO lines can be deleted though it has Open Work on the IC SO
4012450 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Purchase Orders Buyer group not automatically updated
4013582 DAXSE\SCM\Product\Product Master Data Management\Product Data Management Stack trace error message "Field 'Modifiedby' in table ‘EcoResproduct’ has not been explicitly selected” is triggering when deleting the product and the database logging is enabled on the products tables
4013774 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Batch Orders Illegal splitting error when report as finished the batch order with CW component and accept error
4013818 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Shop Floor Control Edit job list is updating the resource on all jobs instead of just the operation that was selected.
4013775 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Shop Floor Control\Production Integration When reporting feedback in job registration on finished item where serial number control is active and auto-serial number group is set, the serial numbers are assigned in illogical order in the inventory transactions
4014430 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\BOM Calculation BOM/Route number on BOM calculation dialog does not change when selecting a different Style.
4014318 DAXSE\SCM\Resource and Activity\Engineering Change\BOM Maintain resource requirements wizard - run to replace resource A with resource B in routes
4013728 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders Incorrect contribution margin on Current prices and Discount form
4013634 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing The Country/region and State of delivery address must have the same Country/region and State of Fiscal establishment address. when updating Request For Quote (RFQ) header address in US company
3216838 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing\Requisition User is able to add a new line to Request for Quotation of type Requisition
4012995 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation [Data integrity] - hunt for root causes - throw when the WMSWorkExecute.createNextWorkInventTrans() method does not create expected transactions
4010581 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Location directive tables are found cached, but they are usually accessed using while select statements, so the cache is not utilized. Given the access patterns, and the amount of expected records, then it should be considered to entire table cache them
4013305 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Load Management Cannot edit a record in Loads (WHSLoadTable). Error when attempting to Release to Warehouse from the Load Planning Workbench
4013918 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway Demand replenishment allowing mixed batches to a location even when the location profile disallows this
4013920 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway Unable to release SO when Replenishment line sequence number is specified in Locaton Directive
3163813 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Shipment Management Incorrect Posting amounts - Shipment Packing slip
4013621 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Shipment Management Container contents report empty
4012891 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management If you have an 'In process' Cycle counting work ID being processed by a Mobile Device User, a second Mobile Device User can login to the same Work ID of the 'In process' Cycle counting work
4013790 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management WMS browser work list loses sort sequence on next page
4013988 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Not deleting WHSASNItem and WHSUOMStructure when cancel transfer putaway
4014133 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Movement by template suggest location not allowed mixed batches
4012777 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting Error in date on ProjTrans when changing the date
4013557 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and Forecast Project budget revision's automatic condition not honored when submitting through Workflow
4013558 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Project Quotations Project quotation lines not sorting as expected by line number when printing the quotation
4012916 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\MS Project Client Integration Open in Microsoft Project functionality only works for System Administrators.  Sychronization fails for all other users.
4013800 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\Reports Cost control export by Project Group to Excel drops Vendor dimension when using 'Expense' Project category types in correlating Purchase Order Line
3216115 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\SCM Integration Requisition from MP creates an extra line in Item requirement
4010427 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\SCM Integration For Production orders linked to Projects (Posting method = Consumed), AX didn’t add a previously configured ‘default description’ (description type = MRP - route card)
4014091 DAXSE\SI\Project Timesheet 'Allow date corrections on timesheets' does not apply towards the adjustment of already posted Project Timesheets