May-June 2017 release – Dynamics AX 2012 R3

The combined May-June release for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 version is now available in LCS on the updates tile inside your R3 project. This update represents a typical collection of smaller functional improvements and technical fixes.  Bugs were fixed in all areas with enhancements found in Warehouse & Transportation, Accounts Receivable and Inventory Management. Please see the full list of hotfixes below to search for your specific issue newly included in this release. This release is a cumulative package including all other fixes released in prior updates. This release is intended to give visibility into fixes recently shipped for R3, including some features and design changes that are newly released in this month.


Here are a few details related to this release:

  • Primary Build: 6.3.5000.5086
  • Number of Application hotfixes:241
  • Number of Binary hotfixes: 34

Details of the install process can be found here:

What is included in this months release?

Design Change Requests, Feature Requests & RegFs

KB Details Description of issue or change request Description of enhancement
4020295 The X report and Z Report (in POS and HQ) include the amounts from the sales quotations. Changes in the hotfix make sure the amounts from the sales quotations are not included on the X report and Z Report (in POS and HQ).
4013003 Cannot report consumption of staged and picked material The changes in the hotfix introduce a parameter on the definition of the menu item for reporting actual consumption that allows to register material that is either reserved or picked.
4018022 Batch reservation form displays no records when serial number dimension taken as criteria Changes have been made such that Records will be displayed when serial number dimension is used
4016794 Enhance the budget analysis inquiry Changes in the hotfix modify the inquiry to improve performance.
4015472 Need to add demand replenishment in the raw material picking process. Demand replenishment is added to raw material replenishment for production orders and Kanban's. It has same capabilities as the demand replenishment method for sales order picking and transfer order picking.
4021970 Backflush costings do not complete in a timely manner. Improved performance on backflush costing.
4019229 Using the Excel Add-in tool to import in edited Trade agreement lines creates an additional record in unposted Price/discount agreement journal instead of editing the existing record leading to an unusable Price/discount agreement journal Hotfix removes the relation of the specific table with the retail license code, so we can update the record instead of inserting a new record when edited in excel.
4018035 Cannot generate XML file with huge volume more than 2 GB for electronic audit reports due to Out Of Memory Exception. The changes in the hotfix include updates of services and reports to ensure electronic audit reports can be generated for any volume of data and performance enhancements.
4020948 Wrong quantity presented for recalled Customer order in POS if partially Qty picked and rest cancelled  Added new columns delivered and deliver remainder to the MPOS customer order pickup form. This fixes the wrong quantities being presented for recalled customer orders when partial quantity picked and the rest cancelled.
4011778 RU/Russia - a new report for Pension, Medical and Social Insurance Fund contributions calculation. The hotfix enables generation of an XML file for a new report for Pension, Medical and Social Insurance Fund contributions calculation
4021968 Work confirmation setup is not functional for Cluster picking menu item and other areas The changes in the hotfix enables piece-by-piece picking for cluster picking to confirm all items and quantity.
4021117 Need to create work exceptions with LP receiving The changes in the hotfix contain an xpo fix to make sure you can create work exceptions with LP receiving as expected.
4020816 Circularity check for High Complexity is very slow on the Bill of Material (BOM). The changes in the hotfix improve the performance for BOM circularity check.
4022760 Allow multiple sources to staging mappings for the same source field The changes in the hotfix add support for mapping one source field to multiple staging fields.
4022006 System errors in the DIXF service are not visible to AX The changes in the hotfix add new DIXF parameter "Write errors to Exceptions table". If this option is selected (it is off by default), any error message that is inserted to the table DMFStagingLog will also be written to table SysExceptionTable.
4016114 Withdrawal kanban should be handled with warehouse management system. The changes in the hotfix adds support for you to create and execute withdrawal kanban picking work.
4024633 The "Cost statement hierarchy" report prints different results for different users The changes in the hotfix will fix the issue.
4021026 New feature addressing the generation Sped ECF layout version 3 applicable for fiscal year 2017. The changes in the hotfix: New regulatory update is developed to comply with new legislation.
4022486 A table that's related to item master planning (ReqItemLevel) isn't filled when you import items by using DIXF tool The changes in this hotfix include introducing a menu item to populate reqItemLevel table. 

Fixes Released

KB Number Complete Feature Path Title
4019764 DAXSE\AIF\Adapter Framework Triggers created through AIF for a query with standard tables don't consider the DataAreaId and partition field
4024005 DAXSE\AX Retail CDX table distribution: Link between RetailGroupMemberLine and EcoResProduct should not involve Variant
4019222 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution Request to open a new shift in MPOS if shift opened in Offline mode and switched to Online mode.
4021419 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution 'Friendly name' for hierarchy categories is not visible when using Add products option on sales order lines
4022927 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution Device does not recognize any card afterwards after auto-logoff or after login in with magnetic swipe card with Cancel button clicked
4020115 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Call Center\Other Payments Wrong partial payment on Customer account for sales order in Call center if entered as percent
4023253 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Customers and loyalty Cannot insert multiple records error when closing category hierarchy form after inserting node
4020871 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Customers and loyalty\Customers and Groups Sequence contains more than error after selecting a zip code when creating a customer address
4020190 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Customers and loyalty\Loyalty - Earn, Redeem, Balance Loyalty points granted to customer are doubled up when statement is posted
4019022 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Extensibility Extensions properties for Customer Creation Extending doesn't work after upgrading to CU12
4018457 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Calculation Missing statement numbers in sequence when calculating statements in batch
4018470 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Calculation Duplicated inventory transactions are generated for Customer order transactions when posting Retail Statement
4020294 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting Statement cannot be calculated with lines if a suspended transaction is recalled and voided with Closing method set to Shift
4024606 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting The quantity cannot be error when posting retail statement with Deduction requirements and Receiving requirements enabled in the Item Model Group
4020046 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Merchandising\Product Enrichment and Product Details Linked Item is not added to Sales screen from the Product search form
4022516 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Order management\Order Creation, Visibility and Changes in E-Commerce 'Synchronize online orders' job does not work properly after installing KB3156063
4024116 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Order management\Order Creation, Visibility and Changes in E-Commerce New Zealand/NZL: One-time delivery address is inserted into the default customer of the online channel
4020872 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Payment processing Payment rounding in Currency doesn't work in EPOS
4021917 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Payment processing\Payment Processing through Hardware Station Pay Card fails to find card type
4021884 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Platform, infrastructure and tools\Perf and Scale Enhance the speed to update the transaction grid on a cart line change for a cart with a larger number of items
4019531 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS Cannot place refunds on gift cards
4019676 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS Item name is not printed fully if it contains 'ESC' letters when you print receipt with OPOS printer
4020041 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS Shipping charge is always printed as $0.00 on MPOS receipts
4021280 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS Product is not found when searching it with a name that contains "Just" after installing hotfix KB 4016048 in MPOS
4022798 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Activation MPOS activation fails after you apply KB 4021917
4023894 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Activation MPOS device activation fails due to number sequence error
4019951 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Daily Operations Error number: 1002 An error when searching on the Customer record after making changes to the Customer Address record originally created from Retail POS
4023892 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Daily Operations Incorrect date is updated for Banked tender transactions when AX headquarter and Store are in different timezone
4021490 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Hardware and Peripherals Need to track manual barcode entry versus scanned barcode entry made at POS during item sales on keyboard wedge device
4018939 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Infocodes The setting on an Infocode group overrides the individual setup on the infocodes themselves
4023261 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Other Payments (Check, On-account etc) Pay cash quick button configured for payment type other than cash still uses Cash in MPOS
4018619 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other Transactions Wrong tax percentage value presented in MPOS
4021734 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other Transactions EPOS performance issues when scanning products with multiple mix and match discounts
4019144 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Store Inventory Save option works wrongly when receiving PO in MPOS
4023119 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Store Inventory Doing 'All Products' search in EPOS displays 3 decimal places for Price
4014453 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\UX - MPOS The MPOS receipt format is incorrect
4019540 DAXSE\AXL Foreign Purchase order - Invoice registration - Changes to the document are only allowed in state Draft, because change management is activated - Indian Localization
4023210 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations India/IND: Wrong voucher entry when an item has post physical inventory and post financial inventory unchecked in item model group during stock transfer with price type as 'Transfer price'
4022710 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\China China/CHN: Error in unit of amount must be rounded to 0.01 when posting FA Disposal
4012625 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: Cannot manually enter voucher in LedgerJournalTrans form
4018442 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: The inventory transactions and the financial voucher have different cost amount
4019871 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: Cheque amount is not printed when TDS is activated
4020955 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: Wrong license for IN-Standard role for Indian localization
4022696 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IN: Performance issues when trying to post sales order confirmation with sales order that contains 2000 lines
4024542 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India IND LOC - Unable to post PO Invoice when associated with TDS and Budget configuration enabled
4015545 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: Field 3 is truncated in Form 26 report after label translation
4019980 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: Allowable limit for accumulated depreciation (33) does not take amount memorandum price 1.00 yen at the end of final depreciation year
4019981 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: The Over depreciation calculated by settlement is not displayed item (38) and (39)
4020382 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: Annual depreciation is calculated incorrectly for corporate tax return for report series 16-1 report when book value is adjusted
4020388 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: Wrong value for the disposal assets on the Corporate tax return for report series 16 report as over depreciation or under depreciation is not calculated for the disposal asset in current year
4020949 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: Impairment amount is not considered correctly when executing settlement of over depreciation or under depreciation amount
4022039 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: The asset value after 2nd year won't be output for Corporate tax return for report series 16 - Appended table 8 report if a fixed asset has current posting layer depreciation method = fully depreciation at acquisition and tax posting layer depr
4023218 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: Interest expense (Asset Retirement Obligations) of the first year is wrong
4023947 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: Incorrect due date calculation for non-leap year
4022709 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Singapore Malaysia and Thailand Malaysia/MY: Malaysia localizations: Error “A reason code should be provided …� is displayed even when the code has been specified in the pending vendor invoice.
4024481 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Singapore Malaysia and Thailand Thailand/THA: Withholding tax is calculated for vendor payment even if the 'Calculate withholding tax' checkbox is not marked
4019872 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations Finland/FIN: "Commodity code cannot exceed" error when exporting the Intrastat file
4020947 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations Hungary/HUN: Vendor search does not work on purchase requisition
4023609 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations Switzerland/CHE: Values in "TipoDocumento" and "ImportoPagamento" fields are wrong in case of invoice with zero amount for AX2012R3 PA E-Invoice
4018832 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Belgium Belgium/BEL: Cannot send structured payment information to the vendor by using SCT service
4019542 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Belgium Sales Credit notes are not reported correcly for boxes 49  and 64 on Belgian VAT statement
4020399 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Belgium Belgium/BEL: Belgian invoice turnover report (Annual listing) is generated with values below minimum limit
4021871 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Belgium Belgian localizations - Purchase creditnotes are reported in box 81
4022900 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Belgium Belgium/BEL: The Belgium Fixed asset report ignores extraordinary depreciation in the following fiscal year
4023208 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Belgium Belgium/BEL: Sales tax payment report shows double amount when invoice register is matched to purchase
4014535 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Hungary Belgian Sales tax transactions re sales report does not report boxes 3 & 49
4018436 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland Poland/POL: Incorrect due date on SAD invoices
4018968 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland Poland/POL: Credit limit calculation incorrectly takes advance invoice into account
4021609 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland Poland/POL: Unexpected special characters and wrong country code in the payment file with videoTel Foreign payment format
4023185 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland Poland/POL: Amount origin is not deducted as the tax amount when generating SAF VAT sales and purchase register file
4020155 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Finland Finland/FIN: Payment ID is not transferred to the payment file with Generic ISO20022 CredTrans FI format
4022685 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Finland Finland/Fin: EU sales list - New VAT Recapitulative Statement report 2017 doesn’t follow the provided data file specifications
4020795 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Italy Italy/ITA: Periodic VAT payment Communication for Italy for Microsoft Dynamics AX6.3
4024559 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Italy Italy/ITA: AX2012 R3 Italian Periodic VAT payment communication returns useless IdSistema tag (port DAXSE3832725)
4018963 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Norway Norway/NOR: Norwegian tax reconciliation report displays wrong base amount for overdelivery
4019543 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Norway Norway/NOR: Norwegian sales tax reconciliation report does not show expense transactions with corresponding sales tax
4020160 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Norway Norway/NOR: Journal description is not updated when importing camt.054 and transferring transactions to a new journal
4020773 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Norway Norway/NOR: ''Neither SWIFT code nor" error when generating the payment file when vendor bank account has no SWIT or IBAN but BBAN onlyÂ
4021644 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Norway Norway/NOR: Cremul+ import should import the whole payment amount on the file
4024690 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Norway Norway/NOR: Issues when you run the Norwegian tax reconciliation report
4022898 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\AP AR Russia/RUS: Not all labels and values are translated according to Customer language in sales invoice and facture
4020980 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\General ledger Russia/RUS: Review of account report shows zero start balance for total account
4023211 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\Sales tax Russia/RUS: VAT declaration xml file for 2016 year is incorrectly exported in format 5.05 rather than 5.04
4023946 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\Sales tax Russia/RUS: Zero lines (with zero amount) appear in Sales book additional list
4012150 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Creating a new ‘Purchase order’ from a ‘Purchase requisition’ misses the previously configured ‘Service code’ (PReq > RFQ > RFQ reply > PReq > PO)
4016982 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: AX doesn't allow the posting of 2 different invoices from the same vendor with the same Invoice #, Series but with different 'Document model' (55 and 57) in NF-e
4017727 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: 'EFD Contributions' file with IE (State Inscription) = ISENTO (exempt) generates error
4018976 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: The 'Complementary fiscal document' transaction is incorrectly posted with considering the item's 'purchase unit' after installing hotfix KB 3202701
4020414 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: Stack trace error when trying to cancel a project invoice (Transaction type = Fee, Transaction origin = Subscription)
4020981 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: Automatically generated SO (Order type = Item requirements) has 'Status = Canceled' if 'Consume items for the project immediately = No'
4023213 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: "The Country/region and State" error when changing address on a purchase requisition
4024326 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: NF-e: "328 – Rejection: Item return" error for a transfer order return
4022702 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Mexico Mexico/MX: Error “Error executing code: xRecord object does not have method 'parmCFDIUUID_MX'.� is dispalyed when you open the ‘Vendor invoice’ form
4017946 DAXSE\BI and Reporting Insufficient memory error when system has a significant number of datasets
4024026 DAXSE\BI and Reporting The report is empty error when generating Dynamics AX Release order lines Autoreport
4019720 DAXSE\BI and Reporting\SRS Reporting Value 0,00 is misaligned in reports in German language
4019635 DAXSE\BI and Reporting\SRS Reporting\Client Integration Print preview of reports with real data type parameters throws an error for French customers
4021894 DAXSE\Client Effective date for the budget plan line is picked up as 19xx rather than 20xx when the year entered is from 2033 on
4018991 DAXSE\Client\Office Add-ins Server display methods show blank values in Microsoft Word add-in for non-admin users
4018512 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF Publishing OOB entities to Entity Store fails when table is extended
4020087 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF Field 'Capability' must be filled in. warning when trying to edit resource requirements which are imported through the Route operations data entity
4020330 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF [Entity Store] Exception DMF 2037 "An Error occurred in add data flow component for Entity Store"
4020696 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF External item descriptions for customer groups cannot be imported
4022732 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF DIXF Dimensions entity does not allow updating of Dimension Value Description
4023687 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF Multi-threaded imports with multiple files via batch leave some tasks end in status "Didn't Run" and remain un-processed after installing KB 3209848
4019075 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\MDM MDM synchronization fails with multiple tasks
4019221 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\MDM Same data is synchronized again as MDM synchronization job executes each time per schedule even though the previous run is not completed
4020201 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\MorphX\AOT (Import or Export) Import of XPO with form created on different layer loses data source methods if none are present initially
4018040 DAXSE\Enterprise Portal\Enterprise Portal\Doc Handling Cannot attach files that contain non-English letters or special characters in EP
4019167 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable 1099 update removes summary record in database you are not running it for when you have vendors with the same Party value in each database
4018458 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Cannot invoice an intercompany purchase order via a sales order invoice journal if it involves a service item
4019870 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Product receipt accrual is not well reversed in AP invoice if GL correction parameter is set to No and you correct a product receipt with discount percentage
4021700 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Additional criteria added when creating invoices from purchase orders does not work properly
4019447 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Reports Vendor balance list report does not show the posted invoice register transactions after installing hotfix KB 321426
4022116 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Reports United States/USA: Check stub text displays incorrect cash discount on a credit note
4022841 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Reports Vendor Invoice turnover report is incorrect when you enable the "Amount excl. sales tax" parameter
4019169 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable Reverse transaction for wrong data record
4019535 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Collections Germany/DEU: Unmarking "Collection letter" and "Interest" configuration keys lead to stack trace
4019450 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Collections\Interest Some lines are not printed on the interest note
4019448 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Customer Invoice account from the record that is filtered in the grid is populated to the Invoice account field on the new customer
4022737 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Free Text Invoice\Correction Account structure error when posting correction of free text invoice
4019168 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Reports Incorrect settlement accounts on Customer balance list report
4010399 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Sales Order Invoicing Voucher without offset account and amount zero is posted when posting a return order of "return to customer" type
4018554 DAXSE\GFM\Address Book Address format with District value populates incorrectly for Spanish customers
4022098 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Bank\Bank Reconciliation You can post transactions on main account type reporting through bank transactions type
4019013 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Currency Revaluation The Foreign currency revaluation takes days to complete when there is a high volume of exchange adjustment transactions in generaljournalaccountentry
4020109 DAXSE\GFM\Expense Management Intercompany expenses tied to project do not evaluate correctly in workflow
4021974 DAXSE\GFM\Expense Management Expense report line properties don't refresh from Project group\line properties when you change Project ID on an existing expense report line
4023216 DAXSE\GFM\Fixed Assets CacheLookup property on ASSETDISPOSALPARAMETERS table results in inability to find account numbers when posting Disposal journals
4021404 DAXSE\GFM\Fixed Assets\Setup Fixed asset group/value model form incorrectly displays the depreciation period frequency (defaults to Yearly)
4020940 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger Voucher entries are created differently while transferring assets after acquiring assets through Invoice journal, Fixed asset journal and General journal
4017749 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger\Reports Ledger transaction list doubles amount for sales tax
4019145 DAXSE\GFM\Source Document Framework Cannot insert multiple records when doing a partial invoice and using encumbrances
4022487 DAXSE\GFM\Tax Financial dimensions are ignored on settlement account of sales tax payment voucher
4020694 DAXSE\GFM\Tax\Reports Summary account for vendor error when running sales tax payments after installing hotfix KB 3194361
4024221 DAXSE\GFM\Tax\Tax Calculation Conditional VAT is not correctly reversed if you have the payment earlier than invoice
4020000 DAXSE\Human Resources One employee appearing in more companies' migration will create duplications with company postfix and will not update ApprovedBy field
4017799 DAXSE\Human Resources\Payroll The manifest file doesn't error when uploading 1094-C and 1095-C files  to the IRS after installing hotfix KB 3174426
4019418 DAXSE\Human Resources\Payroll Certain electronic 1094-C transmissions are accepted by the IRS with errors
4019611 DAXSE\Human Resources\Payroll Updates for 2017-R4 payroll tax are available for the American version of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
4020798 DAXSE\Human Resources\Payroll [error] [do not publish]Payroll invoice creation process does not utilize the proper main account set on the tax code
4023161 DAXSE\Human Resources\Payroll A fringe benefit calculation can cause a negative line to be reported back
4019585 DAXSE\Public Sector\AR Description field is not brought into the CustInvoiceLine table when generating recurring invoices from a Free Text Invoice Template and using Billing Codes
4022354 DAXSE\Public Sector\AR\Interest and Collections The transactions on voucher xxx do not balance as per xxx error when you post an interest note
4018858 DAXSE\Public Sector\Budget\Provisional budgeting France/FRA: Cannot close commitment as expected
4018091 DAXSE\Public Sector\GL Cannot write Record to error when creating an ALE after installing hotfix KB 3182542
4024455 DAXSE\Public Sector\Procurement and Sourcing Creating PR slowness due to budget distribution and leading to timeouts in EP
4018990 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Item tracing stops at originating warehouse for batch raw material item
4021135 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing Inventory Close and Cancel miss ledger posting
4024237 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing Inventory aging report does not work when DB uses collation SQL_SwedishStd_Pref_CP1_CI_AS
4017864 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing\Cost Module\Inventory Closing Settlements and GL vouchers are not correct when the cancellation of a recalculation during an inventory close process fails and the close is resumed
4025069 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management On-hand inventory performance for large amount of data
4018589 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management\Shelf Life Management Manually-updated shelf life dates for a batch are overwritten when vendor batch information (e.g. country of origin) is updated
4019744 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management\Shelf Life Management The Shelf advice as of date report groups incorrectly
4020647 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management\Transfer Orders or Journals Inventory transaction synchronization fails when marking is done from the purchase order to the transfer order with batch number
4020687 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management\Transfer Orders or Journals Cannot print ship transfer order in batch job
4020796 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management\Transfer Orders or Journals Address name is incorrect on transfer order and picking list report
4020931 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management\Transfer Orders or Journals License plate must be error when removing reservations for transfer orders with markings
4021532 DAXSE\SCM\Planning The 'Ensure that the planned orders are not created prior to the master planning run date' option is not visible in the Master plans form
4018979 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Intercompany Planning Co-product is removed from planned batch order when an already created planned batch order falls within the freeze time fence after running Intercompany master scheduling
4019367 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Stack trace: Cannot call the NEXT error when entering certain transactions after last full Regen
4019938 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Cannot edit a record error for certain transactions entered after last full regen
4021233 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Incorrect BOM line sequence when using automatic copy plan feature
4022292 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Auto-firming duration increases with the number of bundles during master planning
4023095 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Incorrect BOM line sequence if using automatic copy plan feature
4016556 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Planned Orders Function PdsApprovedVendorList::existValid has been incorrectly called error when firming a planned production order
4018019 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Planned Orders Master planning incorrectly creates a planned batch order when a batch order already exists if an open quality order is attached to the existing batch order and if it references a sales order with a BOM/Formula requirement
4023339 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Planned Orders No planned orders are created  with Consider Shelf Live and Min/Max Coverage
4017740 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Scheduling Referenced planned orders are not rescheduled when rescheduling multiple planned production orders
4021858 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement Purchase agreement external notes don't appear
4024562 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement Purchase requisition lines disappear when you open Purchase requisition form with specific setup of security role to user
4013632 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Intercompany No cost rollup is error during Invoice posting in Direct Delivery Intercompany or SO Packing Slip update
4017871 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Intercompany Cannot edit a record error when canceling remainder for intercompany-direct delivery chain with different currencies after installing the hotfix KB 3214496
4019570 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Intercompany You can incorrectly cancel the delivery remainder for a second try on a sales order line
4018167 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Product Receipts Amount value is incorrect on Lines field when processing a partial goods receipt
4019005 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Purchase Orders Canceling a PO with overdelivery causes wrong transactions
4020078 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Purchase Orders Deliver remainder in the sales order is not updated to zero even though when the relevant direct delivery purchase order invoice is posted by marking 'Close for receipt'
4023398 DAXSE\SCM\Product\Product Master Data Management\Shared Product Data Cannot edit share template if initially some fields are left blank
4021218 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor  New issue with raw material picking and item staging after installing hotfix KB 4013884
4022789 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Production Orders ProdBom inventTrans update the statue issue to Picked when a batch or production order is started if the ProdBom line is batch tracked
4023691 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Production Orders User default option does not work for production order report as finished
4024052 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Production Orders United States/USA: "No approved version has been defined for bill of materials" error when removing approval for BOM and then updating existing production order header
4016224 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\WMS Integration Production orders on the  Reported as finished form with WMS-enabled co-product (no on-hand and negative quantity isn't allowed) can be reversed without error and co-product has negative quantity
4021674 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\WMS Integration Finished goods put-away work set to auto-complete is not auto-processed when a production order is reported as finished from the mobile device
4019875 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing Function InventCostTransCostList::newPlannedCostList has been error and you are unable to post a picking list reversal for a production order where a previous reversal has been posted
4022046 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\Lean Costing Cost calculation for FG Kanban item in subcontracting scenarios doesn't consider price unit from cost price for service item
4022020 DAXSE\SCM\Resource and Activity\Engineering Change\BOM AX takes a long time to finish the Check circularity process for large amount of data
4020074 DAXSE\SCM\Sales Printing Sales confirmation reports in batch causes the reports to be generated without data
4022504 DAXSE\SCM\Sales The "Edit selected lines" function of trade agreement does not copy all selected lines
4022691 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Rebates Rebates are incorrect when you create orders after the From Date
3121021 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders Direct delivery option on Sales order line gets inadvertently unmarked
4019626 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders Unable to use Item Search in Sales orders if you have multiple items sharing the same Search Name
4021640 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders Incorrect prices are applied to delivery schedule sublines
4022692 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders Infolog will prevent the relesase error when you release a replacement order to warehouse
4024682 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders Order hold is not allowed if the sales order is part of an intercompany order chain or marked for intercompany auto creation. error when clicking Order hold button on sales order form
4021877 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Pricing Incorrect discount values on sales orders as discounts from Trade allowance agreements do not recognize Trade allowance agreement currency and are incorrectly converted
4017725 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing CSS rendering issues on Top Bar in Employee services - Order products
3200561 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing\Requisition Invalid value specified for the organization option parameter error when you select a Category on a Purchase requisition if worker record doesn't have a position assigned
4019230 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing\Requisition Wrong case reference in Purchase requisition form after deleting the case
4022035 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing\Requisition Purchase requisitions number sequences skip a number when using Enterprise Portal and the number sequence is set to continuous
4023972 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing\Requisition Some PR version shows empty when there are multiple PR lines and you manually create PO
4024485 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing\Requisition Deleted old references still exist after installing hotfix KB4019230
4013179 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing\Vendor\Vendor Onboarding Questionnaire linked to a vendor request is lost after approval
3199551 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation whatever times click on ok button, the form did not change any more and cannot do next operation.
4020157 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation Russia/RUS: GTD number is not automatically populated on return order receipt in mobile device
4023088 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Transportation Management TMS rate route workbench assign rate is wrong when rating is done by 2 employees
4021657 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Transportation Management\Freight Reconciliation Amount remaining amounts from Matched TMS Invoice lines will populate with wrong currency in resulting AP invoice journal if original sales order is multicurrency in nature
3175220 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management PONUM is not found error when receiving PO line in WMDP
4019127 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management The quantity is too error when releasing a SO with 2 batches for the same item via release to warehouse form
4020649 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management System allows picking but gets "Batch #mybatch cannot" error during the put when serial is above location and batch disposition code prevents picking
4020863 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Cannot change inventory status if the Item model group has Registration requirements enabled
4021533 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Volume metrics on location get reset to 0 if storage unit on assigned location profile involves UOM conversions
4022033 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Item inquiry in the WMDP incorrectly displays a reserved quantity
4022330 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management A work can be assigned to another user when it's in process
4023690 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Incorrect error label "You are in the wrong warehouse" when entering an incorrect line number for a PO in purchase line receiving
4023857 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Cannot cancel overdelivered packing slip from load
4023901 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Cannot decrease quantity on transfer order which is firmed from a planned transfer order
4019662 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Load Management Packing slip for multiple loads is posted with incorrect quantity
4021969 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Load Management Reduce picked quantity function doubles the quantity reduced for the Picked quantity field
4015886 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway The license plate ID error when processing purchase order receiving work due to regression of hotfix KB 4015886
4019659 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway Partial quantity issue in mobile device
4020648 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway Incorrect LP assignment when using 'Group put away' functionality when there is a bad scan during the picking process
4021966 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway WHS packing station quantity doesn't honor Decimal precision from UOM being packed
4023933 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway 'Skip' option does not work when work ID is numeric using purchase putaway on mobile device
4019677 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Stock updated wrongly after replenishment put
4020162 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management You are incorrectly able to delete a location even if the location is tied to an open WHS work waiting to be processed
4020675 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Quantity and amount must when doing warehouse transfers on the mobile device
4023068 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Unable to use Reverse work function with batch above reservation hierarchy
4013750 DAXSE\Server Custom number sequence does not match format error in NumberSeq.numCheckFormat
4022101 DAXSE\Server\AOS Service AOS crashes when you do a printing
4018222 DAXSE\SI Cannot post service orders with ledger account by category
4017172 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting Upgrading to AX 2012 R3 is too slow
4019211 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting 'Allow date corrections on timesheets' functionality does not work for the adjustment of project timesheets across years
4020739 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting Non-billable or non-chargeable lines in project ALE still get billed to project
4017930 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and Forecast Incorrect committed cost and project budget balance are not fixed after installing hotfix KB 4014758 and KB 3216671
4022355 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and Forecast Unlimited budget after you apply KB 4010441
4018223 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Commited Costs The remaining budget and the committed cost are incorrectly updated when vendor retention is released via a vendor invoice after a partial invoice is posted
4022767 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Commited Costs Committed cost does not consider item discount
4018826 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Estimates The total amount for both the expense cost amount and the item cost amount is also incorrectly populated against 'Cost – hour' in estimates
4020440 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Estimates Total PL of project is incorrect as the deleted forecasts get included in the project estimates after installing hotfix KB 3210900
4022358 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\FIM Integration Account distribution is not updated  when changing the ledger account to post on PO's created with "Copy precisely" parameter marked
4018144 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Indirect Costs Invoiced indirect costs are not included in the project invoice fact box
4019106 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Journals Actual cost on WBS form excludes expenses if the Cost type on Beginning balance journal is Profit and Loss
4019212 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Journals Incorrect project sales price in general journal when using Pct. exempt from sales tax on a tax
4020880 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Journals Project WIP reversals for accrued revenue do not occur at fixed exchange rate
4020637 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Customer Retention Customer payment retention report and inquiry form display incorrect data
4021483 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Grants Sales tax is doubled within the sales amount of a project PO transaction with non-grant contracts after an invoice is posted
4019838 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Invoicing Cannot post credit notes from fee transactions
4022894 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Invoicing You cannot create customer advances from the project before the project is in process
4019248 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Vendor Retention Vendor retention term on the Project PO is calculated incorrectly in partial invoicing scenarios
4019989 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\SCM Integration Labor costs from open Job card journals are not reflected under pending project transactions
4020636 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\SCM Integration Item requirement quantity is not updated when Purchase order quantity gets updated
4021482 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\SCM Integration Incorrect PO item consumption
4016056 DAXSE\SI\Project Timesheet Intercompany project timesheets allow posting to a dimension value that doesn't exist in company
4018502 DAXSE\Workflow Stop errors  when recalling initial workflow
4022690 DAXSE\X++ Language\Compiler Switzerland/CHE: Wrong tax calculation with region format Germany