INFO: Recent Technical Articles

Here are some of my most recent technical articles that I wrote (and helped write) as part of the VSTS Ranger program as well as the SharePoint Ranger program.  As you may know, the ranger programs are essentially field extensions of the product team that provide customers with expert guidance and prescriptive guidance while sending valuable feedback that improves our products to the product groups.  In this instance, we worked with Bijan Javidi, Paul Andrew, Chris Keyser and the PnP team to crystallize our ALM guidance for SharePoint custom application development.  In many instances, we consumed the PnP SharePoint guidance and attempted to model “good development behavior :)”

Here are the resources:

Solution and Authored Artifact Development Models for SharePoint
Learn to reconcile differences between artifact development and assembly development by combining components into a single version control repository, such as Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server.

Using Team Foundation Server to Develop Custom SharePoint Products and Technologies Applications
Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server to support SharePoint application development, and provide an integrated development environment and single source code repository for process activities, integrated progress reporting, and team roles.

SharePoint Server Custom Application Development: Document Workflow Management Project
Read about the real-world design, construction, and deployment of a custom SharePoint Server 2007 application to a mid-market enterprise customer using Team Foundation Server as an ALM platform.


This is from the VSTS Ranger section of the SharePoint ALM Page found here: