BlueHat Prize entries: The final tally is…


Katie Moussouris

Senior Security Strategist Lead, Head of Microsoft’s Security Community and Strategy Team

Cool vulns, BlueHat, soldering irons, quantum teleportation

Rudeness, socks-n-sandals, licorice

The entries are in! After a last-minute wave of fresh entries to the first-ever BlueHat Prize, the final count for this year’s contest stands at twenty qualified proposals. The final entry reached our inboxes at 11:51pm on April 1. (Unfortunately, a contest entry that arrived 17 minutes later – at eight minutes after 11:59pm on April 2 – had to be disqualified out of fairness to the others, and to keep our competition in compliance with Washington State’s rules for such events.)


And now? Now begins the hard and exciting part – evaluating the received entries. The BlueHat Prize Board now starts the judging process, examining, testing and discussing each entry. We expect some lively arguments and look forward to introducing the competition winners to the world at Black Hat in July. In the meantime, we truly thank everyone who delivered a contest entry, as well as everyone who spent time thoughtfully considering the issue.


Talk to you in July –

Katie Moussouris

Senior Security Strategist, Microsoft Security Response Center.