Pre-release of TFS to TFS Migration Tool Available on CodePlex!

migration Back in June we released the TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit - a toolkit that helps migrate data between 3rd party version control and bug tracking systems and TFS.  Turns out that folks also want to migrate data between two TFS servers too, so work was begun on writing a TFS to TFS migration tool based on the toolkit.  A pre-release of this TFS to TFS Migration Tool is now available on CodePlex!  This tool enables migration of work items and version control items with history between TFS servers.  To learn more about the tool, you can visit the TFS to TFS Migration Tool page on CodePlex.

The purpose of this pre-release is for testing and stabilizing of the tool before officially releasing the tool.  We are hoping to get the kinks worked while in pre-release, so please keep in mind that while we've done a good amount of testing and a few successful customer migrations, there are many scenarios that we haven't run across yet. 

For feedback or support with the tool, please send mail to