Sell your XNA Games with Xbox LIVE Community Games!

image Over the last couple of weeks there have been some exciting announcements trickling out through the official XNA blog...

Firstly the release of Schizoid the first game built using XNA to be published on Xbox LIVE Arcade - from the official site:

"Cooperative gameplay is redefined in the fast-paced and unique Schizoid! Control red and blue ships, ramming them into enemies of the same color to destroy them. But be careful, because if you hit the opposite color, you will be destroyed. Quick thinking and quicker reflexes help you seize victory, but sharp teamwork provides the best chance of earning gold medals along the way. Schizoid offers more than 120 levels of challenge, playable in either single-player or co-op mode, plus the brain-melting Uberschizoid hardcore mode, in which one player controls both ships!"


Secondly more details have been provided on the Xbox LIVE Community Games publishing platform, basically there are 3 steps to getting your game online - 1) Build your game using XNA Game Studio 2) Submit your game for peer review and set a price 3) Sit back as other users play your game and you collect up to 70% of the revenue! More details on the XNA Blog here.

Thirdly XNA Team have put together a series of interviews with various people from the XNA community; Torpex games (creators of Schizoid), Albert Ho (Group Program Manager on the XNA Community team) and a profile of Mother Gaia Studio from Brazil (winners of Games Dev category of the Imagine Cup).

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