Welcome to the Elevation PowerToys Blog

A while back I wrote two articles for TechNet Magazine describing a set of tools to work around a number of shortcomings when trying to elevate some types of tasks in Windows Vista and higher with User Account Control enabled.  You can find these articles here:

Utility Spotlight: Script Elevation PowerToys for Windows Vista

New Elevation PowerToys for Windows Vista

Since then I have been working on several Elevation PowerToys but have not had the time to sit down and create another large article and tools download.  My experience with blogging on the Deployment Guys blog made me realize that the best way to get these new tools to you would be to create a new blog where I could write about and host the new Elevation PowerToys.  It would allow me break up the work by posting about one tool at a time and take feedback on them as well.

So welcome to the blog and I hope you find the content to come useful and enlightening.

- Michael Murgolo, Senior Consultant, Microsoft Services, U.S. East Region.

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