It's still essential!

EssentialCoverI am pleased to announce that Essential C# 5.0 by Mark Michaelis, and, new for this edition, yours truly, is available for pre-order now. It will be in stores in early December.

As long-time readers of this blog know, I was one of the technical editors for Essential C# 4.0 and Essential C# 3.0. Mark was kind enough to ask me if I would like to take a larger role in the process of updating the text for the new edition, which I gladly agreed to. There is no easier way to get a byline in a book than to assist with an update to a well-written series that you already know inside-out! Many thanks to Mark, as well as to Joan and everyone else at Addison-Wesley who made this process so smooth; you are all a pleasure to work with. Special thanks also to my coworker, C# specification guru Mads Torgersen, who wrote a very nice foreword for us, and to my colleague Stephen Toub who thoroughly reviewed the chapters dealing with asynchrony.