SaaSGrid and Identity

Apprenda’s SaaSGrid is now “claims enabled”!  This is fantastic news. Any SG customer can now enjoy the benefits of claims based identity: simpler user management, easy federation with business partners, support for multiple identity providers, greater interoperability, etc.

SG support for claims based identity maps nicely with what’s described in the “Claims Identity Guide – Federation with Multiple Partnerschapter. And now with the new chapter published on CodePlex: “Federation with Multiple Partners and Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service”.

Join Matt Ammerman and me on March 30th for an identity-full webinar. The agenda for the session is:

  1. Introduction to Claims based identity: principles and architecture.
  2. Key problems solved by claims based identity, including an update on current standards, frameworks and tools on the Microsoft platform.
  3. Drop-in Federated Identity and Claims Enablement for .NET applications via SaaSGrid (Live Demo)


Register for the live session here: