Event Hubs and .NET Standard

Hey All!

You may have noticed a little while back that our team was covertly working on a .NET Core implementation for Event Hubs. Well, today I am excited to announce preview versions of two new Event Hubs libraries built on .NET Standard 1.3.

  1. Microsoft.Azure.EventHubs - This library replaces functionality that is currently found in the WindowsAzure.ServiceBus library. In here you will be able to both send and receive events from an Event Hub.
  2. Microsoft.Azure.EventHubs.Processor - Replaces functionality of Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus.EventProcessorHost. This is the easy way to receive events, and keeps you from having to remember things like offset between receivers (remember, events can be processed multiple times in Event Hubs)

The most exciting thing about this release is that both libraries are built using .NET Standard. This means that the libraries are consumable by both the full .NET framework and .NET Core, as well as Mono/Xamarin (here is a full list of the supported platforms). Since these libraries are consumable by the full framework, they will eventually become our preferred .NET libraries (although we are quite a ways away from that).

Oh, and did I mention these are both open source? ;)


So feel free to get in there, try it out, and provide feedback with a GitHub issue or PR.

Happy Event-ing!