Manage Event Hubs resources using Azure Command Line Interface

We are excited to announce the Azure CLI 2.0 support for Event Hubs.  This means you can now use Azure CLI 2.0 commands to interact with Azure Resource Manager and management endpoints for Event Hubs resources. Explore the various resource management operations this functionality provides. Manage your Geo-Disaster Recovery or create, update or delete your resources.

How easy is this?

Here are a couple of examples,

 Create a new Event Hub
 az eventhubs eventhub create --resource-group myresourcegroup --namespace-name mynamespace --name myeventhub --message-retention 4 ---partition-count 15
 Create an Authorization Rule
 az eventhubs eventhub authorization-rule create --resource-group myresourcegroup --namespace-name mynamespace --eventhub-name myeventhub --name myauthrule --rights Listen
 Delete a Consumer Group
 az eventhubs eventhub consumer-group delete --eventhub-name

Explore this new capability and as always provide us with your valuable feedback and comments.
Happy event-ing!