Check out the new Outlook Dev Portal!

Hi there! We are excited to bring to you the new and improved Outlook dev portal. It's got a new look and feel, an upgraded documentation experience, and all of the REST API topics have been rewritten to use the Microsoft Graph API.

A screenshot of the new Outlook developer portal

Learn about the Outlook platform

Get to know in detail the three pillars of the Outlook ecosystem, and the integration points. You can get information on how to quickly set up your app, dig into references, and look at code samples for the platform.

Collaborative documentation

Engage with the product team directly by contributing to the documentation for the Outlook platform. Now developers can contribute to our documentation by submitting a pull request on GitHub. This enables the community to have up to date documentation and to suggest changes to our team. You can also leave comments directly on the documentation site.

For any feedback you have on the portal, let us know in the comments below.