Expression Studio 3 LAUNCHED TODAY!

US_Prd_Bx_Tilt_L_Expression_Studio_3 Today we announced the official launch of Expression® Studio 3 , a suite of professional design tools for creating Rich Internet Applications. This announcement comes shortly after the July 10th Silverlight 3 launch and the availability of the release candidate for Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow. It is super exciting for us on the Expression Web , Expression Design , Expression Blend + SketchFlow, and Expression Encoder teams to showcase the final versions for the 3rd release of the Studio. Below are various links to the trials, blog posts and other info from the Expression Studio 3 site, community site,  team blogs, and forums. Stay tuned for upcoming related blog posts!   

    Expression Studio 3 Overview Video      The Visual Kitchen Video     Soma’s blog about Silverlight 3    Download the Expression Studio 3 60 day trial!


Expression Web 3 Expression Web 3 Microsoft Expression Web 3 gives you the tools you need – PHP, HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, visual diagnostics and sophisticated CSS design capability – to produce high-quality, standards-based Web sites. Includes SuperPreview. Useful Links: Expression Web 3 Overview + Video + 60 day trial Expression Web Community Site Expression Web Forums

Blog Posts: Expression Web Blog Soma’s Expression Web 3 blog post Blog posts on the xWeb blog related to SuperPreview

Expression Blend 3 Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow Microsoft Expression Blend 3 revolutionizes the speed and efficiency with which you can take your ideas from initial concept to completed project on the Silverlight and .NET platforms. Includes SketchFlow.

Useful Links: Expression Blend Overview + Video + 60 day trialExpression Blend Community Site Expression Blend Forums

Blog Posts: Expression Blend & Design Blog SketchFlow Concepts: An Overview by Christian Schormann Expression Blend 3: Photoshop Import by Janete Perez Behavior Blog Posts by Various Overview of New Features in Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow: Part 1 by Kirupa Introducing Sample Data in Blend 3 by Unni

Expression Design 3 Expression Design 3 Microsoft Expression Design 3 is the perfect companion to Expression Blend or Expression Web. Create sophisticated assets with their fidelity maintained throughout the entire designer-developer workflow.

Useful Links: Expression Design Overview + Video + 60 day trial Expression Blend & Design Blog Expression Design Community Site Expression Design Forums

Expression Encoder 3  

Expression Encoder 3 With Microsoft Expression Encoder, you can import and encode video files, produce live webcasts, enhance media with watermarks and advertising, and publish with Microsoft Silverlight. Useful Links: Expression Encoder Overview + Video + 60 day trialExpression Encoder Community Site Expression Encoder Forums

Blog Posts: Expression Encoder Blog What’s new in Expression Encoder 3 blog post by the Encoder Team

The Expression Blend Team