IEZoneAnalyzer update: v3.5.0.5

I just posted a minor update to IEZoneAnalyzer. 

Version fixes an issue in which IE10 was reported as version "9.10.9200.16614"; it now reports a 10.* version number.  (*)

Version also adds text corresponding to new IE security zone settings, adds back in a set of sample files that capture default settings on various vanilla machines, including a new one for IE10 on Win8 x64.

It also includes an IEZoneAnalyzer.exe.config file.  Keep this file in the same directory with IEZoneAnalyzer.exe if you want to run it on a system that has .NET 4.0 but doesn't have .NET 3.5 installed (such as on Windows 8, which does not have .NET 3.5 by default.)

The updated version is attached to this blog post.


(*)  Explanation for that issue, if you want to know... KB article 969393 explains that the correct version number is now stored in a different registry value from where it had been stored in the past.  A colleague explained to me that the previous value had been kept at a 9.* number for application compatibility reasons:  it turns out there are a lot of installers out there that verify the IE version through the old value and that many of them perform the comparison incorrectly, treating the value as text to be compared alphabetically rather than converting to a numeric format before comparing.