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We will continue our Wednesday Featured Forum Blog Post series by exploring a forum that I frequent “BizTalk Server General”

I started working on the Microsoft BizTalk server around some time in 2013 and I believe that this is the best thing that has happened to me from a purely technical perspective. I started out with BizTalk by accident and have never looked back again, what started out as an accidental encounter has now become my passion. This brings me to the forum that I wish to highlight today for our readers. “BizTalk Server General Forum”

Many consider BizTalk to be a niche skill and to be honest as someone who started from scratch to learn BizTalk as his first technology, BizTalk can be a bit tricky to get a grasp onto. It thus becomes necessary that there is a platform where one can ask the questions and doubts and get satisfactory answers, in case of BizTalk, it is the BizTalk Server General Forum. After diligently following the forum coupled with the creation of POCs, I started getting the general idea of how BizTalk works and that whatever you learn, it is still not enough. Thus in a nutshell the forum has helped me in building the foundation knowledge and has immensely helped me in building up my knowledge over time.

One great thing I like about the BizTalk forum is that it has continuous participation from many MVPs and MCCs and other participants thus creating a mix bag of answerers who always try to resolve the doubts, issues and questions that an OP has. What this mix bag ensures is that the OP gets all best possible solutions that can be had for a problem, this greatly enriches the value that is being delivered to the OP in terms of the knowledge and solution. Similarly the moderation team ensures the decorum in the forum is maintained properly so that everyone has a pleasant experience. The forum has a marvelous record of 90% of questions answered out of the 19860 questions asked, this speaks of the amount of efforts that the participants take to enrich the forum experience.

Following the forums and now answering and moderating them has been the way that I have learned a lot about BizTalk. If you wish to learn BizTalk Server or  get an answer to any questions about BizTalk, I suggest you visit us (https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/home?forum=biztalkgeneral ) . We are always happy to meet new people and to learn something new while helping them.

After all “Sharing is Caring”.

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