Wednesday Featured Forums: Where is the Forum For…?

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We are back with the Wednesday's Featured Forums where we write about a Microsoft forum that we think is great. Today we will be looking at Where is the Forum For…? forum.

This week theme is about a forum that has an example of great collaboration and moderation so, my pick is this Where is the Forum For…? forum. Often we are not sure in MSDN and TechNet forum where to ask question about the technical issue that we are facing. Because there is so many categories and each of them talks about a specific topic and solutions and the community members those you see in those forums are experts in those topics.

When one mistakenly posts into wrong forum and if a moderator noticed that this an off-topic for this forum category then they move that post to correct forum. Often it happens that as the posted issue is on different topic then this post sometimes gets unnoticed and unanswered which lead the OP to post the same question in several other forum categories. As the same question appears in multiple forums, this scenario sometimes confuses the new member to decide whether this is the correct forum for them to ask question or not.

So, the purpose of Where is the Forum For…? forum is to guide or point the community members to where is the appropriate forum to ask about their issue in MSDN and TechNet forum. So, if one is unsure where to ask about their issue they can post the question and asking to point them to the appropriate forum or simply ask moderator to move the post to appropriate forum.

Lead me, Guide me, Help me To Find The Way.

This will minimize the posting into wrong forum and OP will get the solution quickly. This forum contains 22387 pages of questions and answers of great collaboration, where community members are asking to guide them to the appropriate forum to ask their issues. You can learn more about the purpose of this forum from this awesome explanation PURPOSE OF THIS FORUM - This forum tells you where to go ask questions - Please Read Before Posting by Ed Price. Also if you want to know what are the categories of forums in MSDN and TechNet then see this fantastic article List of forums by Languages, categories, and field of discussions by Ronen.

That is all for now. All the best! and see you on the next blog. Here are some post to you can look understand more about the purpose of this forum.

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