Case Study: TailSpin Windows Phone Survey Application

We are just about to release an update to the Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide that p&p shipped one year ago. The updated guidance takes the same scenario but updates the phone client application leveraging features in the Windows Phone 7.1 OS Mango release. We will ultimately publish the final bits and docs on MSDN in January but you can find it on CodePlex with in the next few weeks.

Here are some topics we tackled in this new release:

  • Support for Fast App Switching as well as Tombstoning
  • Improved Unit Testability
  • Background Agents (Periodic and Resource Intensive)
  • Live Tiles

I had a lot of fun developing this guidance. Thanks to our advisors (Alex Golesh, Jonas Follesø, and Shawn Wildermuth) for the code reviews and sharing their experience. Also thanks to the product teams: Erick Meijer and Bart De Smet (Reactive Extensions) and Jeff Wilcox (Windows Phone Team) for their invaluable assistance.