Aggiorno – a Smart Search and Replace

I got a note from my friend Gilbert, aka SAMIQ about a neat app called Aggiorno

Aggiorno automates a number of code improvement tasks that frankly should not be performed by humans. We all know that source is a nuance that we need to bear with because there are no better ways to deal with the behavior of the site. Modifying source code is error-prone and does not really add value to the web user; however it is necessary to change source code to improve a number of properties in your side.

What I really like about the tool, is how it understands HTML Markup, and how it integrates into Visual Studio.

But, if you don’t want to use VS, there is a Aggiorno Standalone Edition, as well as the free Aggiorno Express Transformations for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, which automates the process of inserting the IE8 compatibility flag throughout a site.

It’s a cool useful tool which should help prepare sites for the release of IE8

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