How big is yours?

During Steven Sinofsky’s keynote on Day 2 of the PDC09, he spoke how the windows team uses all the data they collect to make decisions about features and fix bug.

One thing that I found really interesting was the statistic about screen resolutions

Here’s the slide…


What surprised so many folks was that 1024 x 768 is such a dominant screen resolution. (I’m in that < .05% running at 1900 x 1200)

It made me wonder about the visitors to this blog and their screen resolution. The data shows something a bit different

Resolution %
1280x1024 38%
Unknown 38%
1024x768 19%
1600x1200 2%
800x600 2%
1152x864 2%
640x480 0%


It’s a different distribution, which makes sense since the folks who visit my blog would have higher resolution monitors – at least that’s my theory.

I also wonder what that that large “unknown” is? Could it be spiders crawling my blog?? or mobile devices maybe? i don’t really know.