Is it that time of the year?

birthdaycandles_cupcake It only seems like yesterday that I wrote my XLV post -- I’m celebrating another birthday today.

Today I’m XLVI

As happened last year, I’ve received best wishes from my friends via email,tweets, re-tweets, facebook and these started the day before, due to my down under crew.

Thank you to all who left me a note – I will get back to each and everyone of you!

Now some information about my age:  It is a Wedderburn-Etherington number, an enneagonal number and a centered triangular number. It is the sum of the totient function for the first twelve integers. 46 is the largest even integer that can't be expressed as a sum of two abundant numbers. It  is the 13th semiprime.  It is the atomic number of palladium, the number of human chromosomes and the (decimal) value of the ASCII code for the period (full stop), as well as the code for international direct dial phone calls to Sweden.

This year, I am away from home, but I do get to celebrate my birthday at PDC09, with thousands of fellow geeks. There’s even a geekfest in the evening (which I’m thinking is surprise birthday party for me – how cool could that be!!!!!).

As I look ahead, I’m see a what others did at age 46:

and can wonder what lies ahead for me…

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