My #WP7 App – FrankArr Tracker

I’ve been meaning to write an Windows Phone app for ages. I even told Brandon Watson that I would.

I just never got around to it, until I saw a tweet from Nick Hodge which inspired me to get started

Nick pointed me to the Windows Phone 7 Social Viewer Application Template that Nick Randolph and Dave Glover had put together.

The Social Viewer template is a Visual Studio template that allows you to jump start the development of a Windows Phone 7 application. It provides the foundations of an application that can aggregate multiple RSS/Atom feeds, Facebook and Twitter.

I downloaded the zip file, looked over the documentation the guys had put together, and then I got started.

First, I got the tools installed onto my Samsung Series 9 laptop.

Next, I fired up Visual Studio, opened up the Social Viewer App Template and got coding.

Then I got my kids involved to design the app icon.

Emma suggested I put “Tech Frank” onto a radar image – so off I went.

I futzed with Paint.Net for a while trying to get the image just right.  Dave was right – the icon is the thing that took the longest time!

Bill gave me a few pointers and voila - application icon created!


So what does the app do?

Well, you’re going to have to install it and find out for yourself

Enjoy!! Who knows, you may find FrankArr in your neck of the woods!

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