PDC09 – What are you waiting for???


I love the PDC. It’s one of the things I really look forward to, as the PDC has been the epicenter of Microsoft’s developer platforms and technology!!

PDC09 registration is now open!   The team is offering a $500 USD discount to customers and partners that register by September 15. 

It all happens Nov 17 – 19 2009 with Pre conference Workshops – Nov 16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center

This year the team has produced some nice blog bling, so help yourself

PDC09Bling_General_whitebackground_110 PDC09Bling_General_bluebackground_110 PDC09Bling_General_darkbackground_110 PDC09Bling_General_greybackground_110

PDC09Bling_Speaker_TechGuy_136 PDC09Bling_Workshops_HandsDirty_136 PDC09Bling_General_ThreadsConnected_136 PDC09Bling_General_WhatsNext_136  

PDC09Bling_Speaker_TechGuy_240PDC09Bling_Workshops_HandsDirty_240 PDC09Bling_General_ThreadsConnected_240 PDC09Bling_General_WhatsNext_240 PDC09Bling_Speaker_MyPicture_240  

I’m off to try and weasel my way onto the planning team


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