Community Megaphone Podcast Show #26 – FoxPro Reunion at MVP Summit!

The latest episode of the Community Megaphone Podcast is up!

In this episode, Dane and I were at the MVP summit, where we had the opportunity talk to several members of the Visual FoxPro community. These current and former Visual FoxPro MVPs talk about the role that FoxPro played in the development of the MVP program itself, in the development of (and ongoing participation in, for many folks, including some of our past guests) the .NET community, and more. We got to hear some fascinating stories about how the MVP program grew out of a single support forum for Fox developers, and how many veterans of the Fox and VFP communities ended up in senior positions within Microsoft and elsewhere. The influence of the FoxPro community has a long reach, and you’ll find out how and why in this episode.
Our guests included Tamar E. Granor, Y. Alan Griver, Doug Hennig, and Rick Schummer.

You can listen live below, or if you prefer, you can download the show directly from the link below:

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