SettingsMerger on CodePlex

Yesterday, I published Sprinkler on CodePlex and today I completed my efforts with another tool: SettingsMerger.

This tool takes a number of Excel files, in the format required by XmlPreprocess / EnvironmentSettingsExporter, and outputs a single Excel file in the same format by removing duplicates, stopping in case of clashes, etc.

The idea is to leave each BizTalk application independent, with all the BTDF stuff, but also handle a single Excel file to operation; this also avoid contemption of having a single settings file for all application up front.

The resulting file will have a column for each distinct environment name and a row for each distinct setting. Here you have an example of two input files.



The result of the merge has 6 rows and 5 columns (not counting the one with settings’ names).


Feedback is more than welcome, and apologize for bugs and lack of documentation.

UPDATE: This tool has been merged in EnvironmentSettingsExporter: it is not part of an official release, but you may download the code, compile and use it. Beware that the new version has a different syntax to support the expanded functionality.