Migration to .NET of 950,000 lines of Visual Basic code

Note: Cross posted from IUpdateable from Eric Nelson.


Last year I spent a lot of time trying to help companies understand their options for VB6 code, including creating this centralised resource to Secure your Visual Basic 6 investment.

Two partners were really helpful in pulling this together, ArtinSoft and Code Architects. I was really pleased to get an email from Code Architects today pointing me at a case study for a successful large migration project. Well done folks.

Top level stats:

  • From the 25,000 LOC PoC “It took 2.5 hours to get a project that would compile and run using VB Migration Partner”
  • The effort required for the project included 3,650 developer-hours to migrate the code, 3,400 hours for code review and refactoring, and 1,300 hours for testing
  • Code review and refactoring was only necessary as more development is planned and the original team no longer exists
  • Three developers migrated all 950,000 lines of Visual Basic 6.0 code to the .NET Framework in only nine months
  • Cost to end client was 750,000 euros vs estimated 3 to 5 million Euros that it would have cost to implement a com-mercial ERP system