MSDN Flash Podcast 016 – Phil Leggetter talks Real Time Web with Silverlight

Note: Cross posted from IUpdateable from Eric Nelson.


Phil and I discuss the real time web and consuming real time data from a Silverlight client.

“Real-time data can be consumed in a number of ways but there are a few techniques that are better suited to an RIA. A publisher/subscriber hub is one way of subscribing to data but this technique requires the subscriber to be running a web server which isn't possible from Silverlight or any other RIA technology. Continuously polling a resource is the most common way to check if the data you are interested in is available or has changed. This approach is know as client pull and used by WCF Duplex Services and might be fine if the data doesn't change frequently and you don't mind wasting the occasional server request when there's no new data available. However, if your RIA really needs data in real-time then HTTP server push is likely the best solution.”

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